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Captain America has been fighting for liberty for more than 70 years -- against Nazis, Cosmic Cube wielding madmen, alien invaders and corruption and fascism in his own government. Are you up to the challenge of this quiz on the comics?

Who is Captain America punching on the cover of his first comic book?

The famous cover depicts Captain America punching Hitler in the face. A copy of that 1941 comic book sold in 2011 for almost $350,000.

What hero did Captain America partner with consistently throughout the 1970s?

Cap's comic was titled "Captain America and the Falcon" from 1971 to 1978.

What gives Captain America his enhanced strength, endurance and reflexes?

Steve Rogers gained his abilities with intensive training and the Super-Soldier Serum, but the formula for the serum was lost.

Who created the Super-Soldier Serum?

Erskine was killed without ever writing down the formula for the serum, so Steve Rogers is the only true Super-Soldier.

Where was Captain America between the end of World War II and his rediscovery by the Avengers in the 1960s?

The Super-Soldier Serum helped keep him alive despite being frozen for decades.

What was the first superteam Captain America joined, going by the Marvel Universe's time line?

This one is tricky -- Cap was a member of the Invaders, a team that fought during World War II, although the Invaders series wasn't published until the 1970s. The All-Winners Squad was published earlier, but it was a post-war team, so Cap technically joined the Invaders first.

What is the real name of Captain America's longtime nemesis, the Red Skull?

Johann Schmidt was a hateful German boy taken under Hitler's wing and made into the masked symbol of the Nazis.

If Cap was frozen during the 1950s, how did he appear several times during that decade fighting against Communists?

The short-lived 50s revivals of Captain America were commercially unsuccessful -- later, it was established that those Caps were imposters, including one who had plastic surgery to look like Steve Rogers.

What comic book series did Steve Rogers provide the art for in the 1980s?

It's true, Steve Rogers drew for the Marvel Comics company that exists inside the Marvel Universe, and the comic he worked on was "Captain America."

While Cap has had several love interests over the decades, his most enduring romantic relationship is with SHIELD agent…

Captain America first meets Sharon Carter while working with SHIELD head Nick Fury. At one point she is cruelly hypnotized into assassinating him (though he eventually returns to life).

What was the name of the vigilante who murdered dozens of supervillains before eventually being defeated by Captain America?

Although Cap defeated Scourge, that Scourge was immediately assassinated by someone else who shouted Scourge's catchphrase. Turns out there's a whole Scourge organization.

Who was Captain America's sometime partner in the 1980s?

Cap sometimes teamed up with Nomad, who had been the sidekick to one of the Captain America imposters of the 1950s.

When Steve Rogers stepped down from being Captain America because the U.S. government tried to force him to work directly for them, who replaced him?

While John Walker was acting Captain America, Steve Rogers continued to fight crime under the name The Captain.

Although the Red Skull eventually died of old age, he returned when Arnim Zola placed his mind into a body that was a clone of whom?

For a while, the Red Skull was physically identical to Steve Rogers under that scary mask.

Captain America was assassinated at the end of what Marvel crossover event?

Cap was arrested for opposing government efforts to register all superhumans during "Civil War" and shot on the courthouse steps.

Who takes over as Captain America after Steve Rogers dies?

The original Bucky, who'd been operating as the brainwashed Winter Soldier, takes on the Captain America identity.

What really happened when Steve Rogers was apparently killed?

He became displaced in time and was eventually brought back and mind-controlled by the Red Skull.

Why isn't Cap knocked backwards when he blocks one of the Hulk's punches with his shield?

Cap's vibranium shield absorbs kinetic energy -- it's one-of-a-kind, since the scientist who made it fell asleep and never figured out what element was added to the metal to make it work.

Which of these has Captain America NOT used as a shield when his vibranium alloy shield was not available to him?

Cap has tried an energy shield and adamantium shields, but he's never used a chunk of Galactus.

What comic book company published "Captain America Comics #1" in March 1941?

"Captain America" was originally published by Timely Comics, which later became Marvel Comics.

Who was arrested for killing Steve Rogers (although his shot wasn't the one that "killed" him)?

Crossbones, working for the Red Skull, shot Rogers in the shoulder, although it was Sharon Carter who fired the not-so-fatal shots into his abdomen.

In his battles against Hydra splinter group A.I.M., Cap frequently goes head-to-head with M.O.D.O.K. What does M.O.D.O.K. stand for?

M.O.D.O.K. is a Mental Organism Designed Only for Killing and also basically a giant head.

What was "Cap's Kooky Quartet?"

Cap's kooky Avengers roster was controversial since all of the founding members left the team temporarily.

What is Captain America's inspirational catchphrase when leading the Avengers?

Avengers fans look forward to Cap shouting, "Avengers Assemble!"

What snake-themed criminal did Captain America date (and attempt to turn away from a life of crime)?

Diamondback and Cap went on a date that almost caused her to be executed by the Serpent Society.

Which supervillain accidentally glued his mask permanently to his face while battling Captain America?

Baron Zemo was yet another Nazi scientist who was doused in the undissolvable Adhesive X. His son took up the family business after the first Baron Zemo died in battle.

What artist drew Captain America in his earliest appearances, then drew him again when he was reintroduced in the 1960s?

Cap was created by Joe Simon, who drew an initial sketch, but Jack Kirby did the art for the first issues of Captain America, and also drew him in the pages of "The Avengers" and "Tales of Suspense" in the 60s.

Who broke Captain America's shield with his bare hands in "Fear Itself?"

Serpent destroyed the shield, but it was reforged with Asgardian metal.

Captain America formed the Avengers Unity Squad, made up of members from what two teams?

Cap formed the team from the Avengers and the X-Men in response to accusations that the Avengers consistently failed to respond to hate crimes against mutants.

How does Cap's shield return to him when he throws it?

The shield is just a disc of metal thrown with impeccable skill.

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