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You don't have to spend thousands to get a killer car stereo, unless you want to, that is. But you have to know your stuff. Take our quiz to see if you're an expert in the inner workings of car audio.

What car audio component is responsible for producing low frequency sound?

Subwoofers are a type of speaker that produce the lowest frequency sounds.


What does a crossover do in a car audio system?

Crossovers direct sound frequencies to the proper types of speaker: high frequency sounds go to the tweeters, low frequency sounds go to subwoofers.


What wireless technology is often used to connect a mobile phone to a car audio system?

Bluetooth can be used to pair a phone to a stereo unit. Once connected, audio from the phone can be piped through the car speakers.


What kind of built-in connector does a car need to directly interface with an iPod or other MP3 player?

iPod dock connectors and 3.5mm mini stereo jacks can both connect to MP3 players to transmit audio to a car receiver. Some cars also include USB ports that can connect to MP3 devices.


What kind of adapter converts digital music signals into analog to work on older stereo systems?

Inexpensive cassette adapters plug into car receivers that still use cassette decks and can accept an audio input from a digital device like an MP3 player.


The two main types of car speakers are:

The speakers you typically find in cars are coaxial speakers. More expensive, more powerful component sets use individual speaker units for a more customizable speaker setup.


What is the audio component that fits into your dashboard and controls the playback of all audio in your car?

The head unit, also known as the receiver or stereo, is the component that ties everything together.


Some stereo head units include this type of port, once reserved for computers, that can be used to connect directly to an MP3 player.

Many head units now include a USB port that can connect straight to an MP3 player.


This organization holds car audio competitions worldwide and has been in existence for 22 years.

The International Auto Sound Challenge Association, or IASCA, has been holding car audio competitions for 22 years.


This material is often used to soundproof engine hoods to reduce the amount of engine noise transferred into the car.

Vinyl nitrile foam is a simple solution for soundproofing your car: By cutting a sheet out for the inside of your hood, you can easily deaden much of the engine noise.


Pioneer released the world's first car CD player in what year?

Pioneer's first CD player for cars debuted in 1984.


Audiovox released the first car DVD unit in what year?

DVD players have been in cars since 1997, when Audiovox released the first head unit with DVD support.


What car audio component is responsible for producing high frequency sound?

Tweeters handle sound in the high ranges.


What car audio component boosts the signal of a sound wave before it reaches the speakers?

Amplifiers are a necessary component of any powerful audio system because they boost signal volume so the sound can be transmitted through the speakers.


What format did the cassette beat out to become the dominant form of recorded media played in cars until CDs took over?

The cassette tape took over for the 8 Track and was the dominant stereo component in cars until CDs.


What car audio component stores an electrical charge and releases energy to the audio system in moments of power strain?

A capacitor stores up energy and releases it to the audio system when a little extra power is needed.


This form of radio broadcast is transmitted by modulating the frequency of a carrier wave.

FM stands for "frequency modulation" unlike AM, which stands for "amplitude modulation."


What two satellite radio providers merged to form a single satellite radio company?

Sirius and XM satellite radio merged to form Sirius XM in 2008.


What does the "HD" in "HD Radio" stand for?

Unlike the HD used for video and television, which stands for "high definition," the "HD" in "HD Radio" actually means Hybrid Digital.


Is HD Radio a form of satellite radio?

HD Radio sends digital radio waves alongside the standard analog AM/FM over the existing broadcast airwaves.


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