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GPS tracking, vehicle identification numbers and the President's armored limo: How much do you know about today's high-tech car security systems?

What popular car tracking system is used to track stolen cars and featured in the action flick "Live Free and Die Hard?"

John McClane uses the LoJacks installed in government vehicles to track down his criminal nemesis.


What car manufacturer offers the system OnStar on its vehicles?

General Motors offers OnStar in more than 30 vehicles across brands like Chevrolet, Buick and Cadillac.


In addition to emergency response, what popular feature does OnStar provide to drivers on a daily basis?

By connecting to OnStar, an advisor can relay turn-by-turn navigation instructions to customers' cars for whatever destination they specify.


What is the process of chemically etching a unique identification number on parts of a car called?

VIN etching uses a chemical to permanently etch a vehicle identification number onto car windows. This makes it difficult for thieves to sell stolen cars for parts.


President Barack Obama's "First Limo" is decked out in enough armor to weigh several tons. What brand of car is it?

Obama's Cadillac has more armor than you'll see on an everyday model, but it's a Caddy nonetheless.


Which car manufacturer developed a concept car with drunk driver detection?

As part of Nissan Vision 2015, an effort to advance car technology and security, Nissan developed a system that can detect drunk drivers through perspiration and facial recognition software.


Which car manufacturer sells a publicly available vehicle with class six bullet resistance?

The BMW X5 Security Plus takes a regular-model BMW car and outfits it with some serious security hardware.


What phrase refers to the wireless communications systems in cars?

"Telematics," a combination of the words "telecommunication" and "informatics" commonly refers to the wireless communication systems used in cars.


What car security rating organization is named after a town in England?

The Thatcham organization, based in Thatcham, England, established widely known categories of car security systems.


The CobraTrak 5 security system includes a feature dubbed ADR. What does ADR stand for?

CobraTrak's Automatic Driver Recognition uses a small card to detect its proper driver. If you're not carrying the card with you, forget about starting the car.


OnStar offers a service called MyLink. What is MyLink?

MyLink is a smart phone app that lets you keep track of what's going on with your OnStar vehicle. It can keep track of your car's tire pressure and unlock the car doors remotely.


Even if thieves steal your car, what type of security system could make it difficult for them to get very far?

Engine immobilization security systems can keep an engine from starting up again, making it impossible for thieves to restart your car once they've shut it off.


The CarShield telematics security system allows you to remotely unlock your car doors using this wireless technology.

CarShield uses the wireless transmission technology Bluetooth to send a code to unlock your car.


Researchers have discovered a way to wirelessly hack this car system and gain control of other elements of the vehicle. What is it?

With a lot of work and expensive equipment, researchers successfully hacked into the tire pressure-monitoring systems of some vehicles and gained access to the system computer.


When was the car alarm first reported as being installed in an automobile?

An automobile theft alarm was featured in "Popular Mechanics" way back in 1920.


What kind of unrealistic car security system helped James Bond trick his enemies in the film "Die Another Day?"

The James Bond car in Die Another Day could turn invisible. Yeah right!


BMW's answer to OnStar is called:

Assist is BMW's answer to OnStar, a comprehensive security and assistance system installed in its new cars.


How many categories of security does Thatcham rate?

The Thatcham organization separates security devices into five total categories that include alarms, immobilizers, wheel locks, and recovery and tracking systems.


LoJack says it has what chance of regaining a stolen vehicle within 24 hours.

LoJack claims a 90 percent chance of tracking down and recovering a vehicle within 24 hours.


Cars are stolen how often in the United States?

FBI statistics indicate that a car is stolen in the United States every 30 seconds.


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