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There are several options for towing a car. Making the wrong decision could result in a damaged vehicle. Do you know how each one works? Which option is best for your towing needs? Test your car towing knowledge right now!

Tow bars are most effective for:

Tow bars are most effective for manual cars. <a href="">How Self-aligning Car-mounted Tow Bars Work</a>


What shape is a tow bar?

Typically, tow bars form the shape of a triangle.<a href="">How Rigid A-frame Tow Bars Work</a>


When using a tow bar, how many wheel of the towed vehicle are on the ground?

A third option for towing a car is to flat tow -- a method where the towed car's four wheels are all touching the ground. Flat towing involves a tow bar, a tool that has several advantages to other types of towing. <a href="">How Rigid A-frame Tow Bars Work</a>


Tow dollies are most effective for:

Tow dollies, which lift only the front wheels off the ground, can also be good choice. But these are most effective for front-wheel-drive cars since they lift the drive wheels off the ground. <a href="">Car Towing Regulations</a>


What towing accessory allows you to tow a two-wheel drive vehicle?

Both tow dollies and trailer allow you to tow a two-wheel vehicle. <a href="">How Tow Dollies Work</a>


Allowing a tow vehicle's driving wheel to remain on the ground can cause:

Allowing a tow vehicle's driving wheel to remain on the ground can cause transmission damage. <a href="">Car Towing Regulations</a>


Safe towing methods include:

There are many methods for safe towing. For example, two-wheel towing, four-wheel towing and dollie towing are all safe towing methods. <a href="">What are my car towing options?</a>


Break-away brakes are:

Break-away brakes are electronic safety systems. <a href="">Car Towing Regulations</a>


When do most states require you to have when car towing?

Although laws vary from state to state when it comes to car towing, most laws require break-away brakes. <a href="">Car Towing Regulations</a>


Car towing laws:

Car towing laws vary from state to state. <a href="">Car Towing Regulations</a>


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