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A board game that's bursting with strategy, cunning and the ever-elusive meeple, Carcassonne is a highly addictive gateway game. Test your knowledge (or learn some tips) by taking the Carcassonne quiz.

Where did Carcassonne get its hard-to-pronounce name from?

Carcassonne is named after a city in France that -- like the cities in the game -- is fortified by walls.


What's the overall objective of Carcassonne?

Players work to build cities, roads, cloisters and farms, and they receive points for their efforts. Whoever has the most points wins!


What in the world is a meeple?

It's adorable, that's what! Meeples are the small, colored wooden game pieces used as "followers" in the game.


When was Carcassonne invented?

The game was first published in 2000.


What is Carcassonne's (the game) country of origin?

The city that inspired it was French, but Carcassonne was originally published in Germany.


What is NOT characteristic of German-style board games?

Based in strategy and a desire to keep players playing until the end, German board games generally avoid too much of a "luck" factor.


How many German board game titles are produced annually?

According to one source, 600 German board game titles are generated every year.


How many Carcassonne games were sold in the United Kingdom in 2008?

In 2008, 12,000 copies of the games conquered the UK market -- a 50 percent increase from the year before.


What's something that studies have NOT found board games useful for?

While board games are great at showing and passing down cultural traits, nobody can claim they haven't ruined a few friendships.


What makes up a turn in Carcassonne?

Each turn, a player takes a tile and lays it down. At that point, he or she can decide whether or not to place a meeple on it.


What makes a road complete in the game?

A complete road either ends at a city, a cloister or an intersection or loops around.


When does a city earn you points?

A complete city (with no holes and completely walled-in) scores you points during a game. An incomplete city can earn you points after the last tile is laid.


What feature is ONLY scored when the last tile is laid?

Farmers' fields are only scored AFTER the game is played. Farmers must stay on the board until the end of the game.


Your cloister needs to be completed! How are you going to do that?

Complete cloisters are completely surrounded by eight tiles.


Which two factors must you keep in mind during a game of Carcassonne?

Both points scored during the game and end-game points must be attended to, or else you'll end up in a world of gaming trouble.


What features, left incomplete, earn you points at the end of the game?

Yup, all cloisters, roads and cities can earn you points at the end, even if they're incomplete.


You're a Carcassonne genius and master. Where are you going to show your mettle?

Every year at SPIEL (Essen), a gaming convention in Germany, the Carcassonne World Championships are held.


So you've conquered basic Carcassonne. What's next?

Don't you worry. There are more than 20 expansions to add to the basic game, along with online and video game platforms.


Is an expansion just a stand-alone game to Carcassonne?

While there are a few stand-alone Carcassonne games like Hunters and Gatherers, most expansions are just supplemental to the original.


How long does Carcassonne take to play?

While adding expansions can up the game by hours, a basic game of Carcassonne is generally about an hour long.


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