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Correct care of your clothing may result in better looking and longer lasting items. Care for your wardrobe by using some simple tips. Take this quiz to find some good ways to care for your clothes.

How can you seal the threads on buttons?

To seal the threads, brush the center of each button with clear nail polish.


How can you keeps zippers zipping smoothly?

To keep zippers zipping smoothly, rub their teeth with wax.


How can you renew cedar?

Lightly sand cedar to open the wood's pores and bring back the cedar smell.


Where should you place mothproofing products?

Place mothproofing products on the highest surface. The fumes from these products will filter downward.


How can you prevent mildew when you store away purses?

Stuff the purses with crumpled newspaper and store unfastened.


Does the scent of cedar kill moths?

The scent does not kill moths, but only repels them.


What may clean away the salt residue from leather and vinyl boots?

Use a water and vinegar solution to clean away salt residue.


How can you prevent smelly feet?

To help control odor, sprinkle baking soda into shoes.


What may be used to shine leather shoes?

Petroleum jelly or hand lotion may be used to shine leather shoes.


What may be used to shine patent leather?

To shine patent leather items, use a cloth dipped into vinegar.


Is there a way to keep new fabric tennis shoes looking fresh?

To keep shoes looking fresh and new, spray fabric tennis shoes with spray starch.


What may contribute to shoe odor?

Moisture may help create shoe odor. To help control moisture, sprinkle some salt into the shoes and let sit overnight.


What can be done for frayed shoe laces?

Brush frayed ends with clean nail polish.


What may be used as an airtight storage container for winter clothing?

To store winter clothing, seal in a new plastic garbage can.


What is an easy and fast way to de-wrinkle clothing?

Create some steam in the bathroom, and hang wrinkled items from the shower rod.


To remove dust and lint, how should you brush clothing?

Use a clothes brush to brush with the fabric's nap.


When storing away winter items, what should you avoid?

When storing seasonal items avoid moths, moisture and sunlight.


How may moths damage clothing?

Moths enjoy feeding on wool and other fibers derived from animals.


How should you prepare clothes for seasonal storage?

Before storing, the clothes should be cleaned.


How can you remove scuff marks from shoes?

Make a paste from baking-soda and water, and rub away scuff marks.


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