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If you've ever peered into the shadow of your subconscious, you can blame this guy. How much do you know about Carl Jung, explorer of the human mind?

Carl Jung had a major impact on the way people think about which aspect of humanity?

He highlighted the power of the unconscious and also the basic differences in people's personality types.


When was Jung born?

He was born in Switzerland in 1875 and died in Zurich in 1961.


Jung said that by nature, the human personality is … ?

Thus, religious concepts were a fundamental aspect of many of his thought processes.


As a child, Jung's relatives expected that he would wind up in which profession?

His own father was a pastor.


Jung once said, "Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside; … ?"

His introspective nature fed directly into his thoughts on psychology.


Jung is sometimes considered the father of which kind of psychology?

In some way, his work was a response to the ideas of Sigmund Freud, with whom Jung did not always agree.


What did Jung call the "personal unconscious"?

He said that this is the area right at the edge of consciousness; it may relate to forgotten or repressed experiences.


Jung spent much of his life exploring the intersection of psychology and …

For Jung, religion and psychology were permanently intertwined.


In 1910, how did Jung become president of the International Psychoanalytical Association?

Freud was fond of Jung's work and was happy to see him in charge of the group.


Who was one of Jung's very first professional influences?

Bleuler was a psychology trailblazer who worked with Jung at the Burgholzli Asylum.


What legacy did Eugene Bleuler leave behind, which contributed to Jung's development as a professional?

Before Bleuler, few people had initiated well-conceived studies into mental disorders.


As a child, Jung was confused by:

And this observation may be what led him to psychology instead of the church.


Jung reportedly wrote racist remarks about which group?

At one point he worked for the Goring Institute of Psychotherapy, which was built by Nazis.


In what year did Jung decide that maybe Nazism wasn't such a great thing, after all?

Before World War II got underway, Jung realized that Hitler was a madman and that Germans were following him into a disaster.


What is the "collective unconscious?"

Jung believe that all people share a sort of primal unconscious that reflects our shared evolution.


Early in his career, Jung used which kinds of tests to analyze patients?

By studying people's responses to certain types of words, Jung successfully explored the minds of his patients.


With regard to collective unconscious, how did Jung try to help people who thought their lives had lost meaning?

The idea of individuation was to help people more fully develop their personalities and lives from an undifferentiated unconscious.


Jung wrote, "There is no coming to consciousness without …"

He was certain that facing ourselves is sometimes the hardest thing in life.


What was NOT one of Jung's four functions of the mind?

The other two were intuition and thinking.


What word did Jung often use to describe the neuroses of a patient?

So when someone says you have a "complex" about something, you can thank Jung.


During his research, Jung decided to do what?

Yet he also took notes and observed his own irrational behavior.


Jung wrote, "In all chaos there is a cosmos; in all disorder a secret ..."

Jung felt that there was something to be learned from every situation in life, no matter how disruptive.


What happened following the publication of Jung's "Psychology of the Unconscious" in 1912?

Freud abandoned him, as did others; Jung was undeterred and continued on his explorations of the mind.


Why did Jung and Freud fall out?

Jung felt Freud focused too much on the libido as the source of personality. Jung's book "Psychology of the Unconscious" published his dissenting views.


Which test was based on Jung's research?

Two women developed the test in the World War II era as an easier way for people to understand Jung's research into personality types.


In Jungian psychology, what is the "anima"?

Animus, on the other hand, refers to masculine inner personality.


In Jung's work, the "shadow" refers to what?

Jung noted that by being aware of your shadow, you can live a fuller and better life.


Jung's 1921 "Psychological Types" highlighted what part of human psychology?

Before then, no one really had the idea that someone might have a predetermined temperament when it came to socializing.


How many levels did Jung say there were in the development of the anima or animus?

The further one moves up the scale, the more developed they are emotionally and intellectually.


In his work, Jung said that someone's "persona" is like what?

The mask is meant to conceal your true identity and to project a controllable impression for others around you.


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