Carnivore, Herbivore, Omnivore: Can We Guess Where Your Taste Lies?

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A human being's food palate comes from their taste in many different types of food groups. While these types of foods can vary from pasta and tacos to soups and salads, we're on a mission to learn more about some of your favorite food preferences!

Let's take a brief look at the differences between being an herbivore, omnivore and a carnivore. A carnivore is someone who loves to eat meat. This doesn't necessarily mean that they don't enjoy dairy products, fruits or veggies, but their taste buds have a larger preference for steaks, chicken and fish.

If this sounds like the polar opposite of who you are, then you might be an herbivore. This type of person loves to eat fruits and veggies for food, and they typically stay away from animal-based products. But if you have a love for both meat and plants, then you might be an omnivore. This is not to say that omnivores aren't picky eaters, but that their preferences are more open to many different types of foods. So whether you identify yourself as an herbivore, omnivore, a carnivore or maybe something a little different, take our fun food quiz to embark on a tasty culinary journey!

Does a salad taste better when it's filled with only vegetables or does it need some help with protein?

Let's say that you're at a fancy steakhouse with a friend. Which of these cuts of steak are you about to order?

When you hear the word "tofu," do you jump for joy or run away in fear?

Do mashed potatoes really taste better with bacon on it or is bacon just too overpowering?

When it comes to eating breakfast, which of the following meals do you typically indulge in?

Let's talk about the food pyramid for a moment. Do you prefer the dairy group or the fruit group more?

If somebody challenged you to embark on a 30-day vegan diet, how well do you think you could do?

Picture your ideal Thanksgiving dinner for a moment. Which of the following are you currently dreaming about?

Fill in the blank: No bowl of spaghetti and meatballs is 100% complete without extra __________.

If you could only eat one of these Japanese meals for the rest of your life, which one would you gladly pick?

Burgers are a staple in everyone's diet, right? Which of the following burgers do you always make room for in your diet?

Let's settle this "rolled" debate once and for all: Would you rather indulge in a plate of egg rolls or spring rolls?

There are a wide variety of pizza flavors in this world, but which of the following is your personal favorite?

You're about to enter yourself in a fried chicken contest! The real question is, how many pieces of fried chicken can you eat in one sitting?

If you were eating a plate of nachos, which of the following toppings would your taste buds make a beeline for?

We're treating you to dinner at one of these fast food restaurants. Which of the following will you choose for a free meal?

You're about to make an omelet for yourself but you only see four types of fillings in your fridge. Which of the following will you choose?

Your taste buds can be divided into sweet and savory categories. Which category matches your taste buds the best?

Roasting is a common cooking technique in the culinary world. Would you rather eat roasted vegetables or roasted chicken?

Let's take a trip to the United Kingdom for a moment! Which of these British foods would you love to sample?

When it comes to food, do you prefer to cook your own meals or eat out at new types of restaurants?

You've just stumbled upon a carnival! Which of these delicious foods are you about to enjoy as a hearty meal?

When you're at a restaurant, which of the following do you look forward to the most: the appetizer, entree, dessert or the drinks?

If you only had to eat fruits for the rest of your life, would you feel happy or sad about this?

Are you more of a breakfast person or does your hunger call your name during the lunch or dinner hours?

Let's steam some fish for dinner! Which of the following types of fish is the tastiest to you?

It's 10:30 p.m. and you're about to head over to Burger King for a quick meal. Which of the following are you going to order?

Beans are a healthy and filling way to add some protein to your diet! Which of these beans would make a great side dish?

We heard it's going to be chilly this evening, which means it's time to start making which of these soups?

There are many different types of cuisines in this world, but which of the following is your favorite?

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