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Have you ever wondered how your grandmother kept her floors so clean? Try learning some old fashioned techniques that served your grandmother well. Take this quiz to see how much you know about cleaning carpets, rugs and floors.

For sweeping floors, what is an advantage of brooms made from broomcorn versus synthetic materials?

Soil and dirt fragments do not stick to the broomcorn bristles, and the broomcorn broom cleans itself as you use it.


What are old fashioned brooms made from?

Broomcorn is the material used to produce brooms in the old fashioned way.


How is broomcorn produced?

Broomcorn is a type of upright grass, and it is harvested and dried to create brooms.


A broomcorn broom is excellent to clean:

With a broomcorn broom, clean your hardwood floors just like your grandmother did.


What is an advantage of a real broom over a vacuum cleaner?

A real broom costs much less than a vacuum cleaner and needs no electricity.


What is an old fashioned remedy for carpet stains?

For removing carpet stains, shaving cream may be your lifesaver.


How is shaving cream applied to remove carpet stains?

Use a small brush to work shaving cream into the stain.


After applying the shaving cream to the stained carpet, what do you do next?

Wipe up the stain and the shaving cream with a damp cloth, and blot dry.


What stains may shaving cream remove?

Red wine and pet urine stains may be removed with shaving cream.


What home staple may remove the odor of a wet dog from carpets?

Sprinkle two cups of cornmeal mixed with one cup of borax, let sit for at least an hour and vacuum.


If you do not have borax, what other home remedy may you use to remove rug odors?

Try sprinkling cornstarch on the carpet, let sit for at least one hour and vacuum.


What old fashioned remedy may be used to remove scuff marks from floors?

Toothpaste may remove the scuff marks.


What kind of toothpaste is recommended to remove scuff marks from floors?

Use regular white toothpaste. Keep the gel type for brushing teeth.


What kind of floor may collect a lot of scuff marks?

Linoleum, just like grandma had, may easily scuff.


To remove scuff marks from floors, how should you apply the toothpaste?

Use an old toothbrush to work the toothpaste into the scuff marks.


What may be the most difficult stain to remove from carpet?

Grease is probably the toughest stain to remove from carpet.


What old fashioned remedy may be used to remove grease stains from carpet?

Your best bet is to use flour to absorb the stain.


After sprinkling sifted flour on the grease stain, what should you do next?

Place a piece of brown paper on the stain, and weigh down the paper with books.


After weighing down the brown paper on the grease stain, how long should you wait to remove the paper?

Remove the paper after half an hour, and use a whisk broom to clean up the flour.


If the first treatment with flour does not remove the grease stain, what should you do?

Repeat the procedure as necessary until the grease stain disappears.


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