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CarStuff wants to know who's the ultimate fan. Think it's you? Prove it. Take this CarStuff podcast quiz and test your memory of who said what!

Who said, "I'm doing an inventory of spare tires, right now, for everyone in the office"?

Ben said this in "Roadside Repairs."


Who said, "Occasionally, to make ends meet, I've been collating paper"?

Ben said this in "Yacht Racing."


Who said, "I have on my desk notes from every podcast we've ever done, from the very beginning"?

Scott said this in "Yacht Racing."


Who said, "I'm the auto editor here at"?

Scott said this in "International Driver's License."


Who said, "Faithful co-host and maybe a person with a little bit of an impulse control problem"?

Ben said this in "Automatic Driving Systems."


Who said, "Had some ups and downs in my job. This week I am a traffic consultant"?

Ben said this in "Driving Laws No One Follows."


Who said, "My new job, down the street, is a sandwich artist"?

Ben said this in "How many cars are in the world?"


Who said, "It's pretty tough to keep my girlfriend in Maseratis and Ferraris. She has a terrible habit for them"?

Ben said this in "The Knowledge."


Who said, "I've been known to give somebody a roundhouse here in the hallway"?

Scott said this in "A Few Unusual Car Stories."


Who said, "Another good job. You're moving up in the company"?

Scott said this in "Unusual Races."


Who said, "This week I've been teaching everyone to break dance"?

Ben said this in "Learn to Drive a Stick!"


Who said, "It's easier to herd cats"?

Scott said this in "Learn to Drive a Stick!"


Who said, "We're broadcasting live from a submarine"?

Ben said this in "All About Submarines."


Who said, "This week I am in charge of metric conversions"?

Ben said this in "Turbochargers vs. Superchargers."


Who said, "My qualifications include being alive... that's it"?

Scott said this in "Race Car Collections."


Who said, "I'm sorry about that non-adhesive tape, I don't know what I was thinking"?

Ben said this in "Can I travel the world by cargo ship?"


Who said, "You're kind of the 'Jack of all trades' around here, aren't ya?"

Scott said this in "Stirling Engines."


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