Quiz: The Ultimate Cat Shows Quiz
The Ultimate Cat Shows Quiz
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Your cat is so special in your eyes that you're sure it would win a cat show. But what do you know about cat shows? Can anyone enter and what are the judges looking for? Find out about cat shows by taking this quiz.

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When did modern cat shows come into fashion?
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In what city or cities does the CFA International Cat Show conduct its annual event?
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In the annual Supreme Cat Show, held in the U.K. by GCCF, how many cats usually take part?
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Which of these best describes a typical cat show?
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How many CFA-recognized breeds are there?
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What part of the cat carries the highest points value: the head, ears or eyes?
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Who makes sure that the shows run smoothly and cages are maintained?
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In the championship category, how old do the cats have to be?
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What color scheme is used for first, second and third ribbons at the CFA cat show?
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If a cat champion wins over 200 points, it is called:
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What do household pets win in their category?
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What type of competition has the CFA International Cat Show introduced in recent years?
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