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The word cattle, for many of us, conjures up images of cowboys rounding up the herds. For a more prosaic but current view on the subject, take this quiz.

What are heifers?

They are young cows.


How are calves intended for beef production prepared?

They are castrated.


What is an ox?

The term refers to a castrated male used as a work animal.


To what use is cattle hair put?

The hair is used to make felt.


What do soap and candles have in common?

They are all made from cattle fat, otherwise known as tallow.


What are certain glues made from?

Some glues use cattle hooves or horns.


Which animal produces the best quality beef?

Male beef cattle are known as steers.


Of the two sexes, which has horns?

Both sexes of most types of cattle have horns.


What are polled cattle?

They are cattle without horns; some breeds are hornless while others have had the horns removed.


Why are the horns of cattle sometimes removed?

Hornless cattle are less aggressive and less liable to harm humans and other cattle.


Do hornless cattle fetch lower prices than their horned friends?

They actually fetch higher prices.


How many compartments do cattle stomachs have?

There are four compartments in the stomach.


Just what does the expression "chewing the cud" mean?

This refers to the animal chewing partially digested food, or cud, brought up from its first stomach.


What is the most valuable asset of a beef steer?

Full, fleshy hindquarters contain the meet with the highest retail value.


By what age do beef cattle move on to their destiny?

Beef cattle, except for breeding animals, usually go to market before their fifth birthday.


To what age can cattle live?

Cattle can reach the age of 15 to 20 years.


At what age can a male be used for breeding?

Males can be used to breed from the age of 12 months, but it is preferable for their development to wait for them to reach two years old.


What are purebred cattle?

Cattle born to one of the recognized breeds of cattle are called purebreds. Both mating parties were members of the same elite society.


Why would a farmer want purebred cattle?

Purebred cattle produce more and better meat at a lower cost.


What is the most popular beef breed in the United States?

The Hereford or Whiteface is the most popular, because of its hardy nature and good beef.


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