Quiz: The Ultimate Cave Biology Quiz
The Ultimate Cave Biology Quiz
By: Staff
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Man has come a long way since the times of the caveman, yet people are still fascinated by caves. These dark worlds are home to complex ecosystems waiting to be discovered. Take this quiz to see how much you know about cave biology.

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What is the recreational exploration of caves called?
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Why are caves a challenging place for organisms to live in?
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Who is the best known cave-dweller?
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Which of the following creatures may live in caves part of the time?
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Cave organisms are categorized into three groups. What factor determines which category they will be classed into?
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Trogloxenes are the first category of cave organisms. What do they use caves for?
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When do troglophiles leave the cave?
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What condition exists in the entrance zone of a cave?
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What is the middle section of a cave called?
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In the _____ zone of the cave, there is no light at all.
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What do the smallest organisms in the food chain eat?
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Some centipedes have grown so large in caves that they have been spotted eating what?
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At the end of which century did people start to study cave biology?
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