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Installing a ceiling fan might seem to be beyond the reach of the do-it-yourselfer, but it's easier than it may seem. Follow the eight simple steps in this quiz and you'll see you've got the reach to install a ceiling fan.

When installing a ceiling fan, what must you do first?

You must cut the power. Either trip the circuit breaker or remove the fuse.


How are most ceiling fans attached to their fixtures?

Generally, they're bolted or screwed into their sockets.


Why would you use masking tape when installing a ceiling fan?

You use masking tape for labeling purposes. This is so that you can identify each wire afterward.


What use is it to note the color of each wire?

It's important that you note each wire color, because you must attach correct colors together. The green one, for instance, is usually for grounding.


How do you connect the wires?

You use wirenuts to connect them, making sure they're tight.


What is contained in the junction box?

The electrical connections are located inside the junction box.


When in doubt about how to correctly install the fan, what should you do?

If in doubt, take a deep breath and check the manufacturer's instructions again. If you do that, you won't need to ask for help.


What are the typical wire colors that you'd find in the ceiling fan?

Typically, the wires will be black and white.


The last step when installing a ceiling fan is to:

The very last step is to reconnect the circuit again and test the fan.


You've installed a new ceiling fan, but it doesn't turn on. Who can you ask for help?

The best man for the job is a licensed electrician.


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