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Tabloids and Hollywood stars have a symbiotic relationship, but sometimes things go sour. How much do you know about these spats between tabloids and celebrities? Take this quiz to find out.

In 2016, for what amount did Dr. Phil and his wife sue the National Enquirer?

The $250 million was meant to help them recover from damages to their public images.


What did the National Enquirer claim about Dr. Phil that triggered the lawsuit?

The publication called Dr. Phil's accusations "outrageous" and indicated that it would vigorously fight the suit.


In 2011, over what issue did Katie Holmes sue Star magazine?

The $50 million suit was settled out of court under confidential terms.


As part of the Katie Holmes settlement, Star made a donation to what kind of group?

They also issued a very public apology.


How old was Ashley Olsen when she sued the National Enquirer for $40 million?

The publication claimed that Olsen was struggling with a drug addiction.


In the end, what happened to Ashley Olsen's lawsuit against the National Enquirer?

Olsen's suit failed to gain traction and was dismissed.


Which website did wrestling celebrity Hulk Hogan sue over a leaked sex recording?

Hogan said that he didn't want other people to have their privacy violated in the same way.


How much did a jury award to Hogan after his suit against Gawker?

Some pundits called it a possible turning point regarding privacy and the internet.


Of the $140 million that Hogan won from Gawker, how much was considered punitive damages?

For a man whose career was struggling, the invasion of privacy turned into a financial bonanza; Gawker was forced to file bankruptcy.


News of the World made what up what story about Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt?

The couple sued, settled and gave the money to their own foundation.


In 2013, Tom Cruise filed a $50 million lawsuit against which publication?

The suit also included Life & Style magazine.


Why did Cruise sue both publications?

Cruise's publicity team vehemently denied the story and said that Cruise was an attentive father.


How did the $50 million Cruise lawsuit end?

Both sides agreed to pay their own legal fees, and the other terms were not disclosed.


Kate Winslet sued the Daily Mail for calling her what?

She won her libel suit and was awarded around $40,000.


In 2007, soccer star David Beckham lost his attempt to sue which publication?

The court indicated there was no way for Beckham to prove that the magazine's intentions were malicious.


What claim did In Touch magazine make regarding David Beckham?

He claimed there way no way the story was true because he was visiting his father at the hospital.


What false claim did Star make against Reese Witherspoon in 2006?

Witherspoon wasted no time accusing the publication of spreading lies to boost sales.


How long did it take Star magazine to publish an apology regarding Witherspoon's nonexistent pregnancy?

The publication was initially combative but then almost immediately backed down.


In 2005, the Daily Sport published which celebrity had a "passion wagon"?

Hatcher won the libel suit, which unfairly portrayed her sex life.


In 2007, the National Enquirer wrote that Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony were caught up in which kind of scandal?

The couple demanded an apology and a six-figure settlement.


Why did a judge throw out Britney Spears' sex tape suit against Us Weekly?

Her public persona was already so overtly sexual that the tape did not affect her professional life.


In 1981, which celebrity sued the National Enquirer regarding an argument she supposedly had with Henry Kissinger?

Burnett wanted $1.6 million in damages to her reputation after the incident was misrepresented.


In the end how much did Burnett win in her suit against the National Enquirer?

Yet the lawsuit became the story and gained massive exposure for both Burnett and the magazine.


In 1990, Elizabeth Taylor sued the National Enquirer for printing that she had which disease?

Taylor won, and the magazine published an apology.


In 2005, British tabloid The Sun indicated that a man named Shane Nickerson was having an affair with which actress?

Diaz went on the attack and immediately sued for defamation.


After the dust settled, what did The Sun say about a 2005 Cameron Diaz infidelity story?

The paper admitted that the allegations simply weren't true.


In a lawsuit against the National Enquirer, what did Lark Voorhies indicate was "patently false and heinous"?

The suit claimed that the "Saved by the Bell" star lost out on other work due to the story.


What happened to the suit that Lark Voorhies filed?

Less than two months later, the suit was dropped; in 2012 her mother told People magazine that Voorhies had bipolar disorder.


In 2007, the Daily Mail published a story indicating that Keira Knightley had which disease?

The story also implied that Knightley's thin frame contributed to the death of an anorexic girl.


How much did Knightley win in her suit against the Daily Mail?

Of course, for Knightley, it wasn't about the money — it was about clearing her name.


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