Lights, Camera, Wedding Fashions! What do you know about celebrity bridal styles?

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Do you grab the latest tabloid off store shelves the minute a new celebrity couple ties the knot? Take this quiz and see how much you know about celebrity brides' wedding styles.

Who designed Katie Holmes' wedding gown for her wedding to Tom Cruise?

Giorgio Armani, a close friend of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, designed Holmes' wedding gown.


What did Elizabeth Taylor wear in her hair in her first marriage to Richard Burton in 1964?

Elizabeth wore a crown of lilies of the valley and white hyacinths in her hair on her wedding day in 1964.


Which celebrity bride wore a long white skirt with a tuxedo jacket -- and no shirt underneath?

Bianca Jagger, Mick Jagger's first wife, was too pregnant to fit into the shirt under her tuxedo jacket, so she nixed the shirt altogether.


Which celebrity bride's dress was inspired by a ballerina's pink tutu?

Portia de Rossi's ballerina-inspired light pink tulle wedding dress skirt was designed by Zac Posen.


Who paid for Grace Kelly's wedding gown?

Grace Kelly's wedding gown was designed by costume designer Helen Rose and was a parting gift from MGM, Kelly’s former movie studio.


Which celebrity bride nixed a traditional wedding gown and wore a pale mini dress instead?

Mia Farrow wore a pale mini dress and cropped jacket when she married singer Frank Sinatra.


Which celebrity bride wore three gowns on her wedding day?

Marchesa designed three wedding gowns for Nicole Richie to wear on her wedding day.


Which bride's dress did NOT include the color pink?

Gwen Stefani and Portia de Rossi both included the color pink in their wedding dress designs. Britney Spears, not so much.


What other item did singer Gwen Stefani carry down the aisle with her besides a bouquet of flowers?

Gwen Stefani carried a bouquet of flowers and her grandmother's prayer book with her as she walked down the aisle.


Which celebrity bride opted to wear a dress with puffy sleeves on her wedding day?

Nicole Kidman wore an ivory silk-chiffon one-shouldered wedding gown with empire-style, puffy sleeves designed by Nicolas Ghesquiere for Balenciaga.


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