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Ever wonder how celebrities stay in such great shape? Well, it's easy to work out when you don't have to leave the house. Celebrities often go all out to decorate their home gyms. See if you can figure out which celebrity these home gyms belong to.

Which celebrity's home gym is inspired by vintage boxing images, and features decor that is manly and stylish.

Mario Lopez's gym is inspired by his favorite sport, boxing, and includes a vintage boxing motif.


To lose her baby weight, this singer spent $50,000 adding a gym to her New York home.

As is evident by her excellent physique, Jennifer Lopez's home gym investment certainly paid off.


This celebrity fitness trainer's home gym is welcoming and homey, and features a balcony that overlooks the backyard.

Denise Austin has traveled to many exotic places to film training sessions, but her home gym is comfy and casual.


To inspire her while she works out, this pop star hangs a painting of an Oscar in her gym.

Beyoncé keeps a visual of her next goal in front of her to help her through a grueling workout.


Despite its size, this gold medalist's gym is fairly bland, and has taupe walls and standard workout equipment.

Gabrielle Reece and her pro surfer husband showcased their so-so home gym design on MTV's "Cribs."


Known as the "Architect of Anatomy," artist Mark Harigian creates artistic and luxurious home gyms for many celebrity clients, including this one.

Mark Harigian has designed home gyms for Shaquille O'Neal, Bill Gates and Madonna.


This celebrity athlete's home gym is located off of his master bedroom and is big enough to open to the public.

LeBron James's home gym is one of the many lavish features of his $49.5 million estate.


This mega star added an entire floor to house all of her exercise equipment in a massive new gym.

Madonna's Upper Eastside apartment renovation includes more than 1,600 square feet and costs $1.7 million.


You might confuse this celebrity's home gym with a dance studio if it weren't for the band system that she installed for a customized workout.

Gwyneth Paltrow's gym has a dance studio look with sky lights galore and a customized band system created by celebrity trainer, Tracy Anderson.


This movie star's home gym boasts a regulation-size boxing ring and basketball court, among many other features.

Mark Wahlberg's gym is massive and even features a putting green.


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