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If you've always wanted to walk the red carpet, but never quite made it past that first audition, Halloween is your chance to become a celebrity! Find out how much you know about mimicking your favorite star by taking this quiz!

All you really need to dress up like this famed businessman is a power suit, tie (preferably in pastel color), toupee and an aggravated expression.

Sure, the clothes are easy to come by, and you can find a bad toupee in any costume shop, but we need to warn you: This costume is difficult to properly pull off. It's next to impossible to maintain Trump's standard expression for an entire evening.


What singing senstion are you going as if you're getting a new haircut to go along with the Disney princess on your arm?

Although all of the Justins listed have memorable coifs, the Biebs takes the cake in terms of international recognizability. Make an appointment with your salon or wig maker well in advance of Halloween!


Which of the following items are necessary for Halloween revelers looking to emulate famous heiresses Paris and Nicki Hilton?

Paris and Nicki know how to attract attention, so resist any temptation you have to fly under the radar while hitting the town in their images.


What would a Katy Perry wannabe need in order to copy the pop star's unique style?

To pull this look off, you're going to need the King's skintight clothing and some funky hair. Of course, we're only talking about copying Katy Perry's "Waking Up in Vegas" style here. She has plenty of other off-the-wall costumes to mimic if rhinestones aren't your thing.


Fans of Madonna's early work should don which accessories to complete her 1980's look?

The cone bra and "Express Yourself"-era pantsuit came along after Madonna passed through her ultra-80's look, which, besides helping to define the style of a decade, helped make her into the star she is today.


What singer is a person dressed as if they're wearing round-framed glasses, blunt-cut bangs and a tailored, yet unusual suit?

You may have the specs and the duds, but kudos to the person that can figure out a way to sport the gap-toothed grin that has made Elton John so recognizable.


What Lady Gaga imitation costume will likely land you in hot water with PETA?

Gaga donned the controversial meat dress at the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards, where her single "Bad Romance" took home the Video of the Year award.


What celebrity couples costume is sure to heat up any party, even if it does send "Team Jennifer" fans into a tizzy?

Angie impersonators need only pouty lips, a long wig and sexy black dress to wear while on the arm of a stubble-faced Brad wannabe. Bonus points to anyone who rounds up a brood of adorable children to tag along.


A blonde wig, flowing white halter dress and functioning air grate are all that's needed to pull off the trademark look of what famous actress?

Recreating Marilyn Monroe's getup from her classic scene in "The Seven Year Itch" shouldn't be hard to do. Just be sure to wear the appropriate undergarments, unless you desire a ticket for indecent exposure!


If dressing as the eternal bachelor George Clooney, what accessories are advisable?

He seems to have a different gorgeous date at every public appearance, but Clooney never had any trouble settling down with Max, a pot-bellied pig who served as his faithful companion for 18 years.


What musician would you be imitating if you wore all black and plenty of eyeliner?

Neither Dave Navarro or Adam Lambert bother waiting for Halloween to sport a macabre look. Funnily enough, the image seems to work for both of them.


Which princess costume requires a size nothing waistline, shiny brunette locks and an heirloom engagement ring?

Prince William's bride is known for her beauty, impossibly trim figure and, of course, the rock on her left hand that once belonged to the late Princess Diana.


For which celebrity costume would a giant, curly wig be required?

Both Diana Ross and Howard Stern sport large, curly dos, but they're not the only ones. Anyone attempting a "Turn Back Time"-era Cher costume would also benefit from such a headpiece, so hold onto it until your next costume party!


If you went to a party wearing a cable-knit sweater and pleated khakis, which beloved father figure would you be channeling?

Be sure to perfect Mr. Huxtable's trademark dance moves, seen during the opening sequence of every single episode of "The Cosby Show."


Fans of this famous vampire portrayer require a tousled hairdo, pasty makeup and intense expression to pull of the correct look.

Although the others certainly fill the brooding vampire requirement, neither have the out-of-control hair that Pattinson's most famous role is known for.


What should a person working on an Oprah Winfrey costume be sure to include?

Oprah has just as much confidence as she does cash. She didn't make all that money being timid, after all! A successful Oprah imitator must be able to exude a diva persona, but without arrogance or superiority.


A beehive hairdo is a necessity for anyone trying to channel this late, great songstress.

Although both Gaga and Aguilera are known for their ever-changing coifs, no one rocked the beehive quite like Amy Winehouse.


A costume for which Hollywood starlet requires a dye job, an ankle monitor and a martini glass?

Sometimes it's hard not to feel bad for Lindsey Lohan. Besides being the world's most famous prisoner under house arrest, her court-enforced ankle cuff didn't go with a single one of her outfits.


If you and several of your friends don platinum wigs, plenty of diamonds (real or faux) and hit the town for Halloween, which reality stars would you be mimicking?

Those Beverly Hills housewives are easy to mimic, as long as you avoid anything that might appear understated in your costume selection. It just wouldn't jive with the image.


What accessories should you sport if you're trying to pull off Mariah Carey's signature look?

A Mariah Carey costume is not for the bashful. Besides a younger man, you'll need an outfit that accentuates your décolleté.


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