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Who's rocking her sweetie's name? And who's emblazoned with his own face? Think you're up to date with the meaning and placement of your favorite stars' tattoos? Find out how much you know about celebrities and their ink by taking this quiz.

Megan Fox has a tattoo of which old-school actress?

Megan Fox has a large tattoo of Marilyn Monroe's face on her forearm. It's not a bad tat per se, but it leads to unfavorable comparisons, as we doubt anyone will be inking the "Transformers" starlet's image onto her body decades from now.


"LA Ink" star Kat Von D has the name of what city tattooed on her stomach?

Kat Von D has a lot of tats, but perhaps her most noticeable one (when it's visible) is the word "Hollywood" inked to look like it's written in red lipstick.


Penelope Cruz's "883" ankle tattoo symbolizes:

Penelope Cruz's "883" tat isn't famous for anything other than being a mystery. Although she's been asked many times, she always refuses to divulge its meaning.


"Jackass" star Steve-O has a portrait of this on his back.

Steve-O is nearly as famous for bad tattoos as he is for risking his life, and despite the image's high-quality artwork, the tat on his back is arguably the worst of the bunch. It's a larger-than-life image of his own face -- and it's autographed.


Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson has:

Believe it or not, The Rock is actually a pretty deep guy, and his large Samoan tat reflects that. Besides being a beautiful work of art, he claims the tattoo is a testament of what's most important in his life -- namely, his family.


Nicole Richie has what religious symbol tattooed where?

Nicole Richie started a trend with the ankle rosary tattoo, which is now a very popular design.


Brad Pitt's strange tattooed lines on his back represent:

Brad Pitt must really love Angelina Jolie. After drawing a series of straight lines and boxes on his back while she was bored, Pitt was moved enough to get her absentminded doodles permanently inked into his skin.


Angelina Jolie used to have "Billy Bob" tattooed on her arm. Now what's there?

Angelina Jolie has the latitude and longitude of the birthplaces of all her children and also of partner Brad Pitt tattooed onto her arm. It's sweet, and it looks so much better than "Billy Bob."


"Iron Mike" Tyson has a tattoo of this on his face.

Mike Tyson may no longer be king of the ring, but his now-famous face tattoo is almost frightening enough to knock someone out on its own. A composite of sharp lines and jagged swirls, Tyson's tat doesn't really mean anything, but, like the former champ, it looks really tough.


What famous pop star has a life-size corsage tattooed onto her wrist?

Ashlee Simpson has a permanent corsage tattooed onto her wrist. We're sure it seemed like a good idea at the time, but chances are she's not going to think being always ready for prom is cool when she's 40.


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