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Did you know that your cell phone can make you sick? According to some sources, cell phones harbor more potentially harmful bacteria than even toilet seats. To protect yourself and your family, take our quiz and find out the best way to clean your cell phone.

What type of display does an iPhone 4 have?

An iPhone 4 has a glass-coated LCD display.


How many megapixels does the built-in iPhone 4 camera have?

The iPhone 4 built-in camera with LED flash has 5 megapixels.


Which type of cell phones get the dirtiest?

Though touch screen phones actually get the dirtiest, other types of phones are not immune to fingerprints, dust, earwax nuggets and the like.


Which of the following harbor the greatest amount of harmful bacteria?

According to a semi-scientific study by a British cell phone retailer, cell phones harbor more potentially harmful bacteria than doorknobs, computer keyboards and toilet seats


Which of the following common germs may lurk on the surface of your smartphone?

According to a study conducted by doctoral students at Stanford University, staph bacteria and the seasonal flu virus can be found on the surface of a smartphone and they have a good chance of infecting you.


When cleaning your cell phone, is it OK to open the case?

Unless it's absolutely necessary, never open up your cell phone case on your own. It may void the warranty.


Which type of cleaning fluid is best for cleaning your cell phone's LCD screen?

The best solution for cleaning your cell phone's LCD screen is a mix of 60 percent water and 40 percent isopropyl alcohol available from your drug store. Isopropyl alcohol evaporates quickly so there's little chance that moisture will seep into your phone's circuitry.


Why aren't paper towels appropriate for cleaning your cell phone's LCD screen?

The rough fibers of paper towels may scratch your LCD display surface. Use a microfiber cloth to clean the screen.


What's the best way to dislodge crumbs and dust that can clog the cracks and crevices of your cell phone?

To dislodge crumbs and dust from the cracks and crevices of your cell phone, wipe down the surface with a moistened microfiber cloth or cotton swab. A few blasts with a can of compressed air (the kind for cleaning computer hardware) should quickly dislodge any diehard crud.


The Violight Cell Phone Sanitizer uses pulses of _____ to clean your cell phone.

The latest hi-tech gadget, the Violight Cell Phone Sanitizer, uses pulses of UV light to destroy surface bacteria. You can also buy a small UV wand that claims to kill 99.9 percent of bacteria after only 10 seconds of use.


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