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You've just bought your first chain saw, and with good maintenance it may be the last time you'll need to buy one. But how does it work and what do you do with it? Take this quiz and learn how.

Where are the cutting teeth located on a chain saw?

The cutting teeth are located on the chain. It's called a chain saw for a reason!


What horsepower does a regular 16-inch (40.6-cm) chain saw operate on?

Usually it runs on 3 horsepower.


How frequent are the rotations of a two-stroke engine?

A two-stroke engine has rotations twice as often as that of a four-stroke engine.


What is located under the cover plate of a chain saw?

There are a number of components located there, including the centrifugal clutch.


What is the purpose of the air intake openings?

The air intake openings are needed to supply air to the engine and carburetor.


What is the name of the component that obstructs air flow?

It's called a choke, and for obvious reason, too. It chokes (or obstructs) the air flow when necessary.


What metal is the flywheel disc made of?

The flywheel disc, with its metal blades, is made out of aluminum.


When the engine is idle, what keeps the chain from moving?

It's the centrifugal clutch. It either engages or disengages depending on the status of the engine.


How is the centrifugal clutch different from the clutch pedal in a car?

The centrifugal clutch works automatically. This prevents engine stalling.


What does the magneto do?

The magneto generates a surge of high voltage (10,000-20,000 volts) for every revolution of the crankshaft.


How many coils are in the magneto?

There are two, a primary coil and a secondary one.


What is the revolution ratio of the two coils?

The secondary coil performs 100 times the amount of revolutions of the primary one.


Why does a chain saw need a carburetor?

The carburetor has quite an important task. It controls the healthy mix of fuel and air in the engine.


Which of these is the best description for the carburetor?

The carburetor is a tube-like mechanism with a throttle plate across it.


When the throttle plate is virtually closed, the engine is:

It means that the engine is idling. Conversely, a fully open throttle plate indicates an engine running normally.


What is bolted into the engine of a chain saw?

All the chain saw components are bolted onto the engine.


What lies at both ends of the crankshaft?

At both ends are roller bearings.


Approximately how big is the piston?

The piston is quite small, measuring about 1.5 inches (38.1 mm) in diameter and 1.5 inches in height.


How much does an ordinary chain saw cost?

Most ordinary chain saws sell for as little as $100.


The electrical generator (or magneto) creates electrical currents. What is their nature?

The electrical currents created by the magneto are periodic high-voltage pulses of energy.


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