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Love is bewitching. But for Darren Stephens, it wasn't just love. His entire life that was bewitching once he married Samantha. Just like many of us, Darren wanted a quiet, uncomplicated life. However, every time he came home from work, he was always surprised by the world of witchcraft. Whether it was a mother-in-law stringing him up by his toes, or a warlock offering advice, Darren patiently tried to handle it all. 

As a mere mortal, will you be able to recall the comic situations that Darren found himself in? Or remember the names of his nosy neighbors or high-strung boss (Larry)? Take a twitch and see how many answers appear. 

The characters in "Bewitched" were clever and comical. Do you recall Samatha's cousin Serena, who was also played by Elizabeth Montgomery? Serena liked Darren and was more progressive in her view of morals. How about Aunt Clara, an old, sweet, bumbling and mumbling witch? And lest we forget, the series aired long enough for the Stephens to add baby Tabatha to their family. It's time to stop reminiscing and time to start twitching your finger to choose the correct answers on this quiz. Do it now. 

This one is too easy, but here goes; how does Samantha cast a spell?

Samantha casts a spell with a twitch of her nose. The twitch is accompanied with a sound effect and some visual effects. If you thought you saw her face a lot, you did! Her first pregnancy, which occurred at the beginning of the series, wasn't used as part of the story line, and was covered up by using a lot of close-ups of Montgomery's face.


We all know the character’s Darren and Samantha, but what was this couple’s last name?

The correct answer is Darren and Samantha Stephens. But it wasn't always that, in the original draft of the pilot episode Samantha was originally going to be named Cassandra.


Where is Darren and Samantha’s home located?

Darren and Samantha’s home is located in New York. The Stephens' house still stands on the Warner Brothers Ranch lot in Burbank, California, at Hollywood Way. Originally it stood on the Columbia Ranch that was owned by Columbia Studios, which produced Bewitched (1964). The lot was re-named The Burbank Studios Ranch in 1972, when Columbia Studios moved onto the Warner Brothers lot. In other words, the house never moved only the name of the lot changed.


This one is a bit harder. What is Darren and Samantha’s home address?

Darren and Samantha lived at 1164 Morning Glory Circle. The Bewitched house can be seen down the street from the "I Dream of Jeannie's"house in many outdoor scenes and that house (exterior and interior) doubles as the residence of fellow NASA coworker Doctor Bellows. The studios never let a good house go unused.


Darren commuted to work. So where did he work?

Darren works in a Madison Avenue advertising agency. In his commute to work you may have noticed the other cars. During the first six years, practically every car in sight is a Chevrolet, because the car company was one of the show's original sponsors.


What is the name of the Madison Avenue advertising agency?

The fictional advertising firm "McMann & Tate" is obviously a twist on the famous "McCann" advertising agency of New York. Even though Mr. McMann (of "McMann and Tate") was often referred to, he only appeared in two episodes: Season 4, Episode 32; "Man of the Year": Roland Winters and Season 6, Episode 21; "What Makes Darrin Run?": Leon Ames.


What was the name of the actor who replaced Dick York?

Dick Sargant replaced Dick York when he could no longer work on the show. Agnes Moorehead had a strong working relationship with Dick York, and when he was replaced with Dick Sargent she did not take the decision well. On Sargent's first day on the set (for a script reading), and in front of the entire cast (including Sargent), Moorehead very slowly but firmly stated, 'I don't like change.'


Favorite characters! Agnes Moorehead played the disappointed mother-in-law, what was the character’s name?

Esmeralda disapproves of Samantha’s mixed marriage and frequently interferes in the couple's lives. Darrin usually becomes the victim of a spell, which wreaks havoc with his life. When Dick York was replaced by Dick Sargent the ratings dropped 13 places. We wonder if Agnes Moorhead was secretly pleased.


Of course there were witches in Bewitched, but what were the male counterparts called?

The witches and their male counterparts, warlocks, would appear on the show many times. For the most part, many of the witches and warlocks on the show didn't have last names, including Endora and Maurice.


David White portrayed what high-strung character?

The correct answer is Larry Tate, who is Darren's boss. After the third season, it was often not known if Dick York would be well enough to work any given week, because of his back pain issues. "Darrin-less" scripts were therefore on hand, or scripts were made Darrin-less, often by giving his lines to Larry Tate.


What is the name of Larry Tate’s wife?

The character’s name was Louise, and she was played by two people. Irene Vernon until 1966, then Kasey Rogers portrayed the role for the rest of the series .The show had an unusual amount of roles played by more than one person: two Darrins, two Gladys Kravitzes, two Louise Tates, and two of Darrin's father.


She was already the star of the show, then her look-alike cousin was introduced. What was the name of that character?

Serena, also played by Elizabeth Montgomery, is a witch who tends to be a bit more progressive towards mortals (than the rest of her family) and loves to use her magic any time she wants. However in the cast listing, the role of Serena was listed as being played by Pandora Spocks. Many viewers didn't realize this, and wrote "Pandora" fan mail.


Oh those busy-bee neighbors who don’t mind their own beeswax. What is the name of the characters who played the nosy neighbors?

Gladys Kravitz suspects Samantha is a witch, but can never prove the weird situations she uncovers to her husband, Abner Kravitz. Gladys is usually seen peering through a curtain in the front window of their home. Although Gladys Kravitz was relatively minor character on the show, the role was memorable enough that the term "Gladys Kravitz" entered the American lexicon, and is commonly used as a synonym for a nosy neighbor or colleague.


Tabitha grew up on the show. How many twins were hired to complete all 8 seasons?

They hired three sets of twins in order to show Tabitha growing up on the show. During the second season, five babies played Tabitha Stephens. Cynthia Black in the episode where Tabitha is born. then it went to twins Heidi Gentry and Laura Gentry. The final set of babies in season where Julie Young and Tamar Young. In season three the Young Twins had been replaced by fraternal twins Erin Murphy and Diane Murphy


What was the name of Samantha’s relative who was a sweet, old, mumbling and bumbling witch?

Marion Lorne played the bumbling, mumbling witch. She was posthumously awarded an Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series. It is revealed in the season three episode 'Aunt Clara's Victoria Victory' that the Stephens live in New York. Aunt Clara revealed this when telling Queen Victoria (whom she had accidentally summoned from the past) where they were.


Uncle Arthur would always be popping in, ready to play practical jokes. Who portrayed Uncle Arthur?

Comic actor, Paul Lynde, portrayed Uncle Arthur who amused us with his wise-cracking and practical jokes. Paul Lynde, who played Uncle Arthur, appeared in an earlier episode as a nervous driving instructor who teaches Samantha how to drive.


Who played Dr. Bombay, the warlock physician?

Bernard Fox played Dr. Bombay. Usually summoned by an incantation such as "Calling Dr. Bombay! Emergency! Come right away!", he would appear in an outrageous costume, appropriate to whatever bizarre activity he had been interrupted doing.Bernard Fox appeared earlier on the show as a witch-hunting anthropologist before taking on the role of Dr. Bombay.


Favorite episodes! What is the name of the episode where Endora feels that Samantha's mortal marriage is interfering with her duties as Queen of the Witches so she calls Serena in to impersonate her and break up she and Darrin's marriage?

The correct answer is Double, Double, Toil and Trouble. In this episode was the famous pie fight. When Serena is hit with the pie, Elizabeth Montgomery's wig slips and the blonde hair underneath shows.


What is the name of the episode where Darrin and Samantha find themselves competing with Darrin's college buddy and his wife?

The correct answer is Charlie Harper, Winner. In the episode, Samantha and Darrin are hosting a dinner party for Darrin's old college friend, the overachieving Charlie Harper, who figuratively has always turned everything to gold, and Charlie's wife Daphne. Daphne, however, is slyly but still obviously condescending toward both Darrin and Samantha. This gets to Samantha who then zaps a loaded jewelry case and a mink coat. Darrin's ego is hurt and feels he can't compete with Samantha's witchcraft. To make amends, Samantha gives the coat to Daphne. Samantha reassures Darrin she could zap up mink coats all day long, but she could never zap up another Darrin Stephens.


What is the name of the episode where, during a fight, Darrin says that sometimes he wishes that he and Samantha had never met and Endora grants his wish?

The episode is called “If They Never Met”. In it, Samantha finds that Darrin is engaged to the very wealthy Sheila Sommers (Nancy Kovack) and that their wedding is just a short time away. Darrin appears to be very happy and Endora pulls her 'I told you so' expression as they watch Darrin happy, laughing and preparing for his wedding but the smile is soon wiped off Endora's face when we see that while Darrin's career is skyrocketing and his fiancee is wealthy and beautiful, he is not in love with her and is, in fact, very unhappy.


In what episode does the use of magic powers come to a head between Darrin and Samantha when they get caught in the rain with a flat tire?

The correct answer is To Twitch or Not to Twitch. In it, On their way to a formal event in pouring rain, the Stephens' car gets a flat tire. Samantha offers to change it using witchcraft but Darrin is adamant that she will not do so as he is once again on one of his anti-witchcraft kicks. Stubbornly, Darrin goes out into the storm and changes the tire, arriving at the elegant event looking like a drowned rat and needing to borrow clothes from the host which just happen to be about three sizes too small for him! Endora is angry and upset about the whole thing and hopes that Darrin's unreasonable behavior will make her daughter leave her mortal husband for good but, of course, she doesn't, and when they go out to another formal evening and run out of gas, Darrin doesn't seem to mind a little witchcraft being used to remedy the situation.


In what episode does Darrin learn that the truth does not always set you free. In this episode Darren is bewitched by a statue placed under Endora's spell that makes anyone near it tell the truth.

The correct answer is “Speak the Truth”. On one of his regular high and mighty kicks, Darrin announces that telling the truth is the only way to go. Endora, always on the lookout for mischief, decides to test that theory when she casts a spell on a small statue which, when placed within three feet of a person, they have no option but to tell the truth, regardless of who asks them a question.%0DIt isn't long before Darrin, unaware of the spell, begins to wish he could eat his words when he insults an important client by telling him that his ad campaign slogan is terrible and that it will never work. Things get worse rather than better until the spell is removed and people can go back to happily telling little white lies again!


Favorite quotes! Who is Samantha talking to? Samantha: “What are you doing?” “I came over for a snoop, uh, a scoop of sugar. I hope I'm not disturbing you.”

The correct answer is Gladys Kravitz. Irene Vernon (the first Louise Tate) was let go by the Ashers from the show after season two because of her association with producer Danny Arnold, who left at that time.


What two characters are talking in this quote? “Samantha, I will not stand here and be insulted by something which is 94 percent water.” “Oh, yeah! Well, what about something which is a hundred percent hot air?”

The correct answer is Darren and Endora. Some of the tension between the two may have been because Endora never called him by his correct name. Endora did, in fact, have a last name. In the fourth episode, when Darrin asks what it is, Endora replies true to her character, "You'd never be able to pronounce it."


What character said this: [to Endora] When I think of you as a blood relative, I long for a transfusion.

Uncle Arthur has great one-liners but his practical jokes are even funnier. And there are so many in the episode, "This is the House that Arthur Built." Uncle Arthur is in love with a witch named Aretha, who does not tolerate practical jokes. Arthur is uncertain if he will be able to suppress this part of his personality. In the name of love, he decides to rid his practical joking by transferring it to Samantha and Darrin's house. Samantha and Darrin in turn are bombarded by one practical joke after another by the house.


Who said this? “Sam, don't expect your mother to be gracious. She doesn't do imitations.”

Darren is the correct answer. The perfect foil to Darren, Agnes Moorehead was chosen to play Endora after a chance meeting with Elizabeth Montgomery and William Asher at a Bloomingdale's department store. Let's hear it for networking while shopping.


Who said this? “Gladys, let's play house. You be the door and I'll shut you.”

Abner Kravitz said this when, once again, Gladys couldn’t prove she saw anything out of the ordinary. Did you know that Jim Backus was the first choice to play Abner Kravitz, but turned it down, because he was already working on Gilligan's Island (1964)?


Time for Stats! How many times did Elizabeth Montgomery receive an Emmy nomination for Best Comedy Actress?

Elizabeth Montgomery received five consecutive Emmy nominations, however she never won the Emmy award. But don't feel too badly for her. After her initial five-year contract was up, Elizabeth Montgomery announced she would move on to other things. Desperate to keep the show going, the network gave her part ownership as part of her new contract. Which in return between syndication and a paycheck she made millions from that show.


How many seasons did Bewitch air?

Bewitched aired for eight seasons. From September 17, 1964 to March 25, 1972. Keeping an audience while moving time slots can be very difficult for a series. The series had four different time periods during its eight-year run. It was seen from Sept. 17, 1964 to Jan. 5, 1967 on ABC Thursdays 9:00-9:30 p.m. Then ABC moved it back 30 minutes (Thursday 8:30-9:00 p.m.) where it remained from Jan. 12, 1967 to Sept. 9, 1971. Between Sept. 15, 1971 and Jan. 5, 1972, it was seen over ABC Wednesdays 8:00-8:30 p.m.; after which, it switched time slots for the last time: Saturday 8:00-8:30 p.m., where it remained from Jan. 15 to July 1, 1972.


In 2002, Bewitched was ranked at what number on "TV Guide's 50 Greatest TV Shows of All Time"?

In 2002, Bewitched was ranked #50 on "TV Guide's 50 Greatest TV Shows of All Time". Running for eight seasons, this was the longest-running of the so-called "fantasy sitcoms" that dominated the airwaves in the mid-1960s (i.e. The Addams Family (1964), I Dream of Jeannie (1965), The Munsters (1964), etc.), as well as the last surviving example of the genre when it went off the air in 1972 (a year after All in the Family (1971) ushered in a new era of reality sitcoms).


In 1997, what episode was ranked #48 on their list of the "100 Greatest Episodes of All Time"

In 1997, TV Guide ranked the season 2 episode "Divided He Falls" #48 on their list of the "100 Greatest Episodes of All Time". In the episode, Samantha believes that the seventh time will be the charm as Darrin has had to postpone their planned vacation to Florida six times already due to work. But a last minute work emergency makes them have to postpone the trip once again. Endora thinks that Darrin's actions don't make him a good husband since he is neglecting Samantha. So when Samantha states that Endora doesn't ever get to see the fun side of Darrin, Endora, without telling either Darrin or Samantha, decides to split Darrin into two, the "stuffed shirt" side who will stay behind and work on the emergency account, and the "fun" side who will go on the Florida vacation with Samantha.


What happens in the episode “A is for Aardvark”

The correct answer is all of the above. This episode is another example of how the writers tried to accommodate Darin's back injury, by having him confined to bed. Even so he had to leave the show. In interviews years later York had always said he felt horrible because he never finished the show.


During its debut season Bewitched landed where in the ratings?

Bewitched enjoyed great popularity, finishing as the number two show in America during its debut season. It did well in the next several seasons. Season two was ranked at number seven, tied with The Beverly Hillbillies. Season three was ranked at number seven again tied with Daktari and The Beverly Hillbillies. Season four and five were still going well with a ranking of eleven. Then it dropped out of the top 20 for season six and out of the top 30 for season seven.


How many Emmy’s did the Bewitched TV Series receive?

The correct answer is the Bewitched TV series won three Emmy awards. They were for Outstanding Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role in a Comedy%0DMarion Lorne , Outstanding Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role in a Comedy, Alice Pearce and William Asher won the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Directing for a Comedy Series.


Dick York portrayed Darren from 1964 – 1969. Why was Dick York replaced?

The answer is C. Dick York's back pain was a result of being thrown from a horse during the filming of the 1959 western They Came To Cordura which starred Gary Cooper. This injury caused constant excruciating pain. Special furniture was used on the set for Dick York due to his back problems. Other cast and crew members also helped him get around on the set. He had to leave the show in 1969 when he suddenly collapsed to the floor on-set.


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