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A few cheerful décor ideas can make your home more inviting. Take our quiz and learn how to use some cheerful décor ideas.

Which of these phrases best describes how most of your home should feel?

If all the décor in your home is formal, you might not feel comfortable living there. Try a lighter approach and see how it works.


How much of the décor you use can have an effect on the feel of a room?

Anything you use to decorate can affect the feel of a room. Choose each item for a particular room based on the mood it helps create.


How do you give a room a casual feel?

The more detail you use, the more formal your room will feel. If you're going for casual you should try simplifying the décor.


Shiny surfaces, such as hardwood floors, are appropriate for what sort of room?

We usually associate hardwood floors with a formal dining room. Casual rooms tend to have low luster surfaces.


Which of these phrases would you use to describe casual furniture?

When you think of casual furniture you think of items you would use. Formal furniture often seems too delicate and fancy to actually sit on.


What should you do to turn a formal couch into a casual one?

By using a slipcover to cover a formal couch you can easily turn it into a casual one. You can always remove it if you decide to redecorate.


When should you arrange your furniture at 90 degree angles?

Parallel lines and highly organized furniture are the hallmarks of a formal room. If you'd prefer something casual try diagonal relationships and a hint of chaos.


Which of these light fixtures is best for a casual look?

Soft lighting, using colors and lampshades rather than crystal and brass, will go a long way toward relaxing the feel of your room.


Which of these should you use to apply patterns to curtains?

By using a silk screen you can gently apply any pattern to a curtain, pillow, or other delicate item.


What should you use to remove drawing fluid from a silk screen?

When using a silk screen you must use cold water, so you don't ruin the screen, and high pressure, so you get all of the drawing fluid off.


How can you transfer an image from a silk screen to the fabric you're decorating?

When you use a silk screen you just need a little pressure, evenly applied, to get the drawing fluid onto the fabric. A squeegee works well.


What should you use to speed up the drying process?

Even though acrylic paint dries quickly you don't have to wait. Simply blow dry the pattern, on a low setting, to save time.


Before you begin making a 3D photo display what should you do?

Never start a project without proper planning. Make sure you have a clear idea of the composition of your piece, and then you can make it efficiently.


How do you achieve depth in a 3D picture display?

By hanging the pictures at different distances from the wall, you can create a lovely sense of depth. Use nails of differing lengths


What kind of picture frame is ideal for casual décor?

Rather than spend a fortune on picture frames, keep it casual with simple wooden frames.


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