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Do you know a lot about cheese? Good for you, I guess. The rest of us can test our knowledge about the More Solid Dairy here. You'll all be rewarded with a cube of cheddar.

We know that rennet is used to make cheese, but what is the stuff?

Rennet is an enzyme that we actually get from the lining of mammals' stomachs. Vegetarian? You're (kind of) in luck: You can also find it in mold.


What is one popular cheese origin story?

Nobody can say for sure, but some say that a merchant's chance discovery allowed you and I to eat frozen pizza for dinner.


Who made sure not to leave home without cheese?

Even aboard the Mayflower, nobody was going to risk a cheese-free New World.


What nation is NOT in the top 5 in terms of cheese consumption?

Americans may love cheese, but they lag far behind countries like France and Greece when it comes to chowing down on the stuff.


How many cheeses in the UK have protected name status -- meaning that you can call the product by the name only if it's made in the certain geographical area?

There are 16 cheeses -- including Stilton and Wensleydale -- that must be made in their designated place to be graced with their proper name.


Who coined the term "cheese-eating surrender monkeys"?

No one can accuse "The Simpsons" of diplomacy in Franco-American relations.


What was the appeal of processed cheese, patented in 1916?

Perhaps the name Kraft rings a bell -- that's the guy who first patented processed cheese, which allowed you to "enjoy" cheese long after nature intended.


While grilled cheese sandwiches have been popular for ages, when did the term "grilled cheese" actually come into the lexicon?

There were toasted cheese sandwiches and melted cheese sandwiches, but "grilled cheese" didn't become a thing until the 1960s.


What makes a stinky cheese stink?

Turns out that to get pungent cheese, you need to rinse the aging rind to stimulate smelly bacterial growth.


So the cheese stinks -- what does that mean for the cheese itself?

That's right, stinky cheeses are less acidic than the less pungent treats.


What is one actual stinky cheese name?

Wallace and Gromit might've made it a familiar name, but don't get too close -- Stinking Bishop is as smelly as advertised.


Little Miss Muffet isn't the only one who loves eating curds. But why do the tasty bits squeak when you eat them?

No, you're not hurting the curds. It's just the sound of the binding proteins flexing.


What FDA policy statement caused an uproar in cheese-making circles?

In 2014, the FDA said that wood shelves couldn't be adequately cleaned and shouldn't be used to age cheese. They quickly backed off when cheese makers protested, saying it was not official policy.


What do you call a person who sells cheese?

Visit your local cheese monger whenever you need a fix.


It might not surprise you that Wisconsin produces the most cheese in the U.S., but what variety makes up the bulk of its production?

That's right, Italy has nothing on the Midwest state. In 2013, more than 33 percent of the cheese made in Wisconsin was mozzarella.


We can't leave the subject of Wisconsin cheese without mentioning cheeseheads. When did the Packers' fans adopt the term?

While the NFL team is known for its cheesehead fans, the term (and the Styrofoam hat) was taken up with pride after Chicago sportswriters taunted the Brewers' fans with the term.


Liz Lemon on "30 Rock" loves her cheese. What song did she sing to herself while eating the delicious dairy?

In a reworking of Bob Seger's "Night Moves," Liz sings "Night Cheese" -- and reportedly cost the network a small fortune for the rights to do so.


What cheese-heavy dish do Canadians eat 55 percent more of than Americans?

Kraft Macaroni and Cheese -- known as "Kraft dinner" in Canada -- is wildly popular in the north, and Canadians eat roughly three boxes a year per person.


What is the subject of the book "Who Moved My Cheese?"

The popular psychology book uses a tale about mice losing their cheese to help illustrate larger points about life changes. Naturally.


What cheese myth was so persistent that the cheese industry funded a study to examine it?

Some claimed that eating cheese before sleep gave you nightmares, but -- unsurprisingly -- the British Cheese Board said that it helped people sleep better.


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