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Chevy Chase created an entire acting career out of an oddball character who stumbles through one misadventure after another. He got his first big break on "Saturday Night Live," but he also has dozens of films to his credit. How much do you know about Chevy Chase movies?

In "Snow Day," Chevy Chase plays a character who has what job?

Chase is Tom Brandston, a meteorologist at the local news station. He's locked in a rivalry with another weather forecaster ... and they are both fighting to keep their jobs.


In "Spies Like Us," Chase plays a man named Emmett, who works for which organization?

Emmett winds up working as an agent for the DIA (Defence Intelligence Agency). He's sent to the Soviet Union as a distraction.


In what year did Chevy Chase appear in his very first film?

Chase first appeared in "Walk…Don't Walk," a short film from Rich Allen. The five-minute short showed Chase trying to cross the street as the crosswalk light randomly changes from Walk to Don't Walk.


In "Cops & Robbersons," Chase starred opposite the rugged Jack Palance. How did the movie fare with critics?

In spite of its star-laden cast, "Cops & Robbersons," got mostly terrible reviews from critics. It made only $11 million in box office receipts.


Chase starred in a 1985 movie called "Fletch." What was "Fletch's" real first name?

In "Fletch," Chase plays Irwin "Fletch" Fletcher, a Los Angeles reporter in pursuit of a killer. This turned out to be one of Chase's favorite roles.


What was the approximate budget for "Fletch"?

The movie, directed by Michael Ritchie, had a budget of around only $8 million. It was a hit with critics and audiences alike, grossing nearly $60 million at theaters.


In which film does Chase play a wealthy publisher?

In "Nothing But Trouble," Chase plays Chris, a publisher who meets Demi Moore. The movie was a disaster even though it featured the star power of Dan Aykroyd, John Candy and Raymond Barry.


1976's "Tunnel Vision" featured many up-and-coming stars, including Chase. Who was NOT in the film?

Martin wasn't in this film. But it did include Bowen, Chase, Candy, Howard Hesseman, Laraine Newman, Al Franken and other soon-to-be-famous people.


In "Deal of the Century," Chase's character has which occupation?

Chase is Eddie Muntz, who attempts to sell weapons to a South American dictator. The movie also stars Gregory Hines and Sigourney Weaver.


Chase was the star of "Memoirs of an Invisible Man." Who directed the film?

John Carpenter directed the movie, which stars Chase and Daryl Hannah. Chase becomes an invisible man who winds up as a secret agent for the CIA.


Which Chase movie was unveiled in 1986?

In "Three Amigos!" Chase starred alongside Steve Martin and Martin Short. The three play actors who are mistaken for real-life heroes -- and they set out to save the day.


"Three Amigos!" was a box office flop.

Reviews were mixed, but the movie grossed nearly $40 million on a budget of approximately $25 million. It is now regarded as something of a cult classic.


Which actress starred alongside Chase in "Funny Farm"?

In "Funny Farm," Chase is married to Madolyn Smith, who plays Elizabeth. The couple moves from the big city to a small town so that he can pursue his dream to write a novel.


In "Spies Like Us," Chase and his fellow spies accidentally do what?

The bumbling spies are supposed to be cannon fodder, but they wind up at the center of a nuclear accident. They launch a nuclear missile and then have to find a way to stop it from blowing up the United States.


In which movie did Chase play himself?

1993's "Last Action Hero," was a satirical take on action hero movies. Chase made a cameo appearance as himself.


How many Academy Award nominations has Chase received?

He's been a Hollywood staple for decades, but Chase has never been nominated for an Academy Award.


Chase has been nominated for one Golden Globe award. For which film was he nominated for Best Actor -- Motion Picture Musical or Comedy?

Chase was nominated for Best Actor for his work in 1978's "Foul Play." The film also starred Goldie Hawn and Dudley Moore.


In "Modern Problems," Chase plays a man named Max. What is Max's occupation?

Max is an air traffic controller who gets superpowers from exposure to nuclear waste. He uses his new powers to win back his girlfriend.


Chase was part of the cast of 1980's "Caddyshack." Which actor was NOT in this famous film?

John Candy wasn't in "Caddyshack." The movie was directed by Harold Ramis and went on to become a box office hit.


In "Caddyshack," Chase plays a character who goes by which name?

Chase is Ty Webb, a golfer who often plays at Bushwood Country Club, where all of the shenanigans take place. The movie's juvenile humor didn’t always sit well with critics, but it was a box office success.


Which actress joined Chase onscreen for 1980's "Oh! Heavenly Dog"?

In "Oh! Heavenly Dog," Chase is a private investigator who is brought back to life in dog form. The dog, of course, is Benji, the famous fluffy hound of the 70s. Jane Seymour shared the starring role with Chase.


Chase was the star of "Memoirs of an Invisible Man." How did this one fare at the box office?

"Memoirs of an Invisible Man" cost roughly $40 million to make and earned less than $15 million, making it a box office bomb.


Chase has starred in how many "Vacation" movies?

Chase has been in five "Vacation" themed movies. The first (and probably most notable) was 1983's "National Lampoon's Vacation."


In "Dirty Work," Chase plays a crooked doctor who struggles with what problem?

Chase is Dr. Farthing, who promises to move a dying patient up the transplant list -- so long as he receives tens of thousands of dollars he needs to pay off his gambling debts.


Chase did NOT receive credit for his appearance in which film?

Dustin Hoffman, Geena Davis and Andy Garica all starred in 1992's "Hero." Chase made an uncredited appearance as a news director named Deke.


What role does Chase have in "Hot Tub Time Machine"?

Chase is the hot tub repairman who mysteriously appears and disappears. He dispenses advice meant to help the main characters navigate their bewildering circumstances.


In "Vegas Vacation," Chase reprises his role as Clark Griswald. Which actress plays the role of Clark's daughter Audrey?

There are five "Vacation" films, and the Griswald kids are often played by different actors. In "Vegas Vacation," Marisol Nichols is Audrey.


"Fletch" was released in 1985. How many years passed before the sequel arrived in theaters?

It took four years for "Fletch Lives," to appear in theaters. It received poor reviews but still managed to debut at the No. 1 spot in 1989.


Chase made an uncredited appearance in which film?

"L.A. Story" starred Steve Martin. It had uncredited cameos by Chase, Martin Lawrence, Rick Moranis and Woody Harrelson.


What city is the setting for "National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation"?

"Christmas Vacation" follows the misadventures of Chase as Clark Griswald, who really wants to have the perfect old-fashioned family Christmas.


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