Quiz: Should you let your Children Bring Friends on Vacation?

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Should you allow your children to invite friends on a vacation? Take our quiz to help you decide whether to let your kids invite friends on a vacation.

What should you first decide before allowing your kids to invite a friend along on vacation?

Before agreeing to allow a friend to come along, think about whether you want this time to be exclusively devoted to family bonding. Once you've decided that, then it's time to consider whether you have room in the car or hotel, whether you can afford the added expense and whether you're willing to have the additional responsibility of another child.


How should and your child decide which friend to invite on a vacation?

Together with your child, write a hierarchical list of your child's friend preferences. If your first preference isn't available, make sure not to mention to the others that they aren't first choice!


Who is the ideal friend to take along on vacation?

The ideal friend is the one whom you and your child know well. This way, you know the friend's parents will be comfortable with your family dynamics and parenting style.


What should you do if you are unfamiliar with your child's first choice of friend?

Don't invite the friend on vacation this time, but invite the friend over for more play dates and get to know the parents for next time.


When should you make it clear that you need financial assistance from your child's friend?

You must make it clear from the outset that you need the parents to cover some or all of the costs of bringing their child along.


What aspect of taking your child's friend along with you will make or break the vacation?

How clear you are to the friend and his/her parents about your rules and the consequences for breaking them will make or break the vacation. A good idea is to have the friend's parents tell their child that you are in charge for the duration of the trip.


What should the parents of the friend provide you regarding medical issues?

It's a good idea to ask parents to provide a letter giving you authority to make medical decisions, as well as a copy of the child's insurance card. A letter saying you have permission to be looking after their child for the dates of the trip is also a good idea.


What do you need to provide to the parents of your child's friend before your trip?

You should provide the parents of your child's friend with a detailed itinerary and contact information for you while on your trip.


Even if the parents agree to contribute financially, what do you need to clarify?

You need to clarify how much money the child will have and what it will be used for. If the child gets extra spending money, you need to decide who will be responsible for managing it -- you or the child.


If you have other children, what do you need to consider when inviting a friend on vacation?

You need to consider how well your other children will get along with the friend, as well as whether all of your children can bring a friend.


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