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Designing your children’s bedroom? Wondering how to combine attractive with practical, seeing that each stage of childhood comes with a whole host of different needs? Take our quiz and learn some great tips on the basic elements of design and how to create a unique and fun space for your kiddos.

What is a really important focus when designing a children's bedroom?

An important focus when designing a children's bedroom is making sure there is a lot of natural light. This helps prevent Vitamin D deficiency and Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).


Why are heavy window treatments not a good idea in a child's bedroom?

Heavy window treatments are not recommended for a children's bedroom; they collect dust and encourage children to perform acrobatic tricks off them.


In a child's room, how should furniture be placed in relation to the doorway?

For safety purposes, such as in case of an emergency or a nocturnal bathroom visit, there needs to be a clear, furniture-free path from the bed to the doorway.


What type of closet doors are best suited to a children's bedroom?

Either eliminating closet doors and using a curtain on a rod, or installing pocket doors, is the best option in a children's bedroom. Sliding doors can be difficult for youngsters to open and swinging doors take up a lot of space.


What is an inexpensive way to add color and pizzazz to a child's bedroom?

By using coordinating or colorful washable fabric to create curtains, pillows, slip covers, bedding and fabric skirts yourself, you can add pizzazz to your child's bedroom.


When converting an attic or basement into a playroom, what is the best color to paint the walls?

It is best to paint the walls in light colors or cool colors to make the room appear bigger and cooler, because an attic can get very hot and a basement can be dark and dingy.


When converting an attic or basement into a playroom, what floor covering is recommended?

Vinyl tiles make the ideal floor covering in a playroom, as it is soft and protects the kids and allows the easiest clean up.


What distinguishes an okay room from a wonderful room?

Coordinating the colors in a bedroom really enhances the look, so come up with a color scheme and keep to it consistently.


How can I know if an antique piece of furniture is painted with lead based paint?

You can buy a swab testing kit from a home ware store. When applied to a surface containing lead, the swab will turn pink.


What are the steps involved in refinishing a wood surface?

It is time consuming, but cost effective, to refinish an olden piece of wooden furniture yourself. Clean it, strip off old paint, fill blemishes and holes with filler, prime it and apply two coats of paint. Let dry completely between each stage.


What does an iron oxide primer do to a metal surface?

When refinishing an old metal piece of furniture, coat it with iron oxide primer to prevent rust.


What is the best type of paint to use when painting plastic?

Spray paint adheres best to plastic furniture and is the easiest to apply.


What is a great way to add some more personality to a room full of wooden furniture?

A great and easy way to add more personality to a room full of wooden furniture is to add a piece of furniture, like a bed, chair, storage container, that is made from another material, like metal or wicker.


What is a good way to create a gender neutral color scheme?

Using nature inspired schemes is the best way to create a gender neutral bedroom, especially in a shared bedroom.


What is the essential first step when refinishing metal, wood or plastic furniture?

Clean it first, so that whatever you coat it with will adhere smoothly and evenly.


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