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What was the name of Erik Estrada's character on the show?

Estrada played highway patrol officer Frank Poncherello aka Ponch. His partner throughout much of the series was Jon Baker, played by actor Larry Wilcox.


How many seasons did "CHiPs" run?

The show ran for 139 episodes over six seasons, from 1977 to 1983.


Where is the show set?

"CHiPs" stands for California Highway Patrol. The show was set in sunny southern California, with much of the exterior filming taking place in and around Los Angeles.


Who plays Sgt. Joe Getraer on the show?

Robert Pine plays the former naval officer and current CHiPs Sgt. Joe Getraer, who must muster all of his leadership skills to get the freewheeling Ponch to toe the line. While Getraer mostly sticks to the station, he will sometimes fill in for an injured officer or hit the streets for an important case.


Who is the only character on the show to draw a gun?

Jon and Ponch never once draw their guns throughout the entire run of the family friendly police series. The only cast member to draw his service weapon is Officer Barry "Bear" Baricza.


Bruce Jenner appeared on "CHiPs."

When Erik Estrada walked off the set during a contract dispute in Season 5, producers hired Olympian Bruce Jenner to replace him. Jenner played Officer Steve McLeish in half a dozen episodes of the series.


Which cop quit the show permanently after Season 5?

Larry Wilcox, who played Jon Baker, chose not to return for the show's final two seasons. He was replaced by Tom Reilly, who played Officer Bobby Nelson.


What did actor Bruce Penhall do before joining "CHiPs" in Season 5?

Bruce Penhall was a successful motorcycle racer when he joined the show as Bruce Nelson -- younger brother of Officer Bobby Nelson. Penhall's racing career was woven into the show, with real Speedway footage included into a couple of episodes.


Which of these female officers joined "CHiPs" first?

Sindy Cahill started on the show in 1978, while Clark and Linahan joined in 1979 and 1982, respectively.


Who played Officer Bonnie Clark on the show?

Randi Oakes played the beautiful Officer Bonnie Clark from 1979 to 1982, while the roles of Cahill and Linahan were played by Brianne Leary and Tina Gayle.


Which "CHiPs" officer has the most questionable driving skills?

Despite his role as a highway patrol officer, Ponch doesn't necessarily understand the rules of the road. In fact, he receives several traffic citations throughout the series for speeding and other offenses.


What is Harlin Arliss' job?

Played by Lou Wagner, Harlan Arliss dreamed of being a highway patrol officer, but his height and bad vision kept him off the force. Starting in Season 2, he takes on a role as the CHP mechanic.


Which of these is an annual event for CHP officers?

In Season 3, viewers learn that the CHP hosts an annual roller disco to raise money. Ponch is tasked with finding celebrities to show up at the event while also tracking down a group of roller skating thieves.


What is the favorite sport for CHP members?

From Sgt. Getraer to Ponch, the members of the squad frequently find themselves battling it out in a racquetball court.


What celebrity's house is threatened by an avalanche in Season 4?

In the Season 4 episode "The Great 5K Star Race and Boulder Wrap Party," Ponch and Jon are forced to protect entertainer Milton Berle when his home is threatened by falling rocks.


What is the name of the first "CHiPS" female motorcycle officer?

Ponch is tasked with training the CHP's first female motorcycle officer Melanie Mitchell, played by actress Trisha Townsend. While he's frustrated by the job at first, he ends up falling for her by the end of the episode.


Which officer suffers a serious eye injury in the Season 4 finale?

It's Sgt. Getraer who nearly loses an eye in the Season 4 finale. While he's in the hospital recovering, the poor patient next to him winds up murdered.


What part-time job does Ponch pick up at the start of Season 6?

Ponch starts modeling jeans part-time in the second episode of Season 6, but his new-found fame may be too much to handle.


Who does Jodi the jewelry store robber blame for her crime in a Season 6 episode?

After the young Jody is caught red-handed robbing a jewelry store, she blames little green men in the Season 6 episode "Aliens Made Me Do It."


What is the name of the creepy comic book in the episode "Things That Go Creep in the Night?"

A girl named Anna causes a car accident while holding a copy of "Sea Thing." Turns out, it's the comic's creator Mr. Woods who caused the accident in the Season 6 episode.


Why is Ponch forced to coach the Explorer Scouts basketball team in Season 6?

When Ponch makes fun of the boss after his car is stolen, Ponch is assigned to coach the Explorer Scouts basketball team in "Return of the Brat Patrol."


The "CHiPs" theme song was a hit in this country.

When it comes to weird music hits, Japan is king. The funky jazz piece, composed by John Parker, became a hit single in Japan called "I Love You CHiPs."


Which actor from the show became a real-life cop after "CHiPs" wrapped?

Erik Estrada always wanted to be a cop after he finished acting. He was deputized by the police force in Muncie, Indiana in 2006, and then moved on to work as an officer in Virginia.


Estrada and Wilcox butted heads off-screen.

They were the ultimate team on "CHiPs," but the two actors never got along in real life. It got so bad that Wilcox refused to invite Estrada to his wedding, which took place while the show was still on the air.


Erik Estrada performed his own stunts on the show.

Despite not knowing how to ride a motorcycle when the show premiered, Estrada insisted on doing his own stunts. The choice came back to bite him in 1979, when he crashed his bike on set and broke eight ribs. Producers wrote his injury into the show.


What year did the series finally get a movie sequel?

"CHiPs 1999" premiered on TV in 1998 and featured a look at the force 15 years after the original series ended.


Which cop was severely injured in "CHiPs 1999?"

Officer Bruce Nelson was injured in the movie when he crashed his bike into a parked car. The cops would later learn that a gang of thieves they were chasing was responsible for the accident.


What were the thieves in "CHiPs 1999" after?

The gangs of thieves in the film used smoke bombs to distract motorists, who would pull over to check their vehicles. With the motorists distracted, it was easy for the thieves to nab their cars.


Who nabbed the role of Jon Baker in the 2017 "CHiPs" movie remake?

Dax Shepard not only took on the writing and directing role, but also plans to play Officer Jon Baker, with Michael Pena as Ponch in the 2017 release.


What was the theme of the planned "CHiPs" spinoff?

The Season 5 finale was actually a pilot dedicated to an elite squad of martial arts experts on the LAPD, with Fred Dryer as the leader of the ninja cop squad. Due to low ratings, the pilot was never picked up.


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