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While it's quite clear you have a love for words, have you ever wondered how many synonyms you can come up with? During this quiz, you'll get the chance to prove your vocabulary. Then, you'll have the proof to back up everything you are always telling your friends and coworkers. 

As we spell our way through these sentences, we are going to leave one word blank. By reading the sentence, you should be able to determine which synonym you need to choose to complete the sentence. We haven't made thing so difficult that it will be impossible to impress yourself, but we haven't made it so easy you'll feel like you got a trophy just for showing up. We aim to challenge your knowledge of synonyms, and we will enjoy seeing how far you can take it. 

After you read the sentence we have presented, take a moment to reflect on the word we might be looking for you to choose. We've offered a few clues and a lot of hints, but we are relying on your brain to make you proud.

Choose the synonyms that complete the sentences, and you'll know how much of a world champion word lover you are!

Sunshine makes everything seem vivid and ______.

When the sun is shining at high noon, the colors of the sky and the trees seem brighter and more vivid. If something is vivid, it is bright and eye-catching.


Everyone in your office knows that you are valiant and _______.

Around your office, you are known as the person who can courageously and valiantly face any problem that may arise. From ringing phones to an empty paper towel roll, you fear nothing your coworkers throw at you.


Red roses are fragrant and ________.

While many flowers are aromatic and fragrant, roses are the most beloved. Although, being fragrant does not mean that something has to smell nice. A cow pasture certainly has an interesting aroma.


When older siblings overshadow them, younger sibling often feel ________.

If you are being overshadowed or upstaged, stand up for yourself! You do not deserve to be overlooked. You are important and you deserve praise.


We really hope your ideas at the meeting stick and ______.

You have such brilliant ideas that we hope they stick and remain in your boss' head. You wouldn't want to have to repeat yourself because they became detached from their memory.


It's always great to find volunteers that are willing and ______.

When someone is willing to help out, they feel inclined to do something good. Those who are not willing are often indifferent or apathetic.


We should live lives that are both motivating and _______.

When something motivates us, we find it inspiring. If something were repressive or dismissive, we probably wouldn't want to hang around for very long.


There is no detail a nosy friend cannot find or _______.

We all have that one friend who could work for the FBI! There are few details in our lives we can hide because they are sure to find, uncover, and discover any secret we might be holding.


The Empire State building is huge and ______.

If something is huge, it is enormous. Standing at 1,454 feet tall, the Empire State building is anything but short, teeny, or minor compared to the other buildings around it.


New Year's Eve parties at fancy hotels are always ritzy and ______.

Once a year, people love to get dressed up in party gowns and tuxedos to ring in the New Year. Then, they venture out to opulent parties where they experience ritzy and posh surroundings.


Everyone knows that you are agreeable and _____.

When you are agreeable, you are pleasant and congenial. When you are not being so agreeable, you could be in an unacceptable position.


When coworkers warm up fish in the microwave, it is smelly and ______.

While things like flowers smell pleasant and inviting, things like microwaved salmon smell down right fetid. Fetid means that something is foul or rancid.


Bed and breakfast owners are very accommodating and ______.

When people are being accommodating, they are being helpful and hospitable. It would just be weird to stay in a bed and breakfast with aloof or alienating owners.


Some comedians are raw and ______.

While some comedians keep it clean, others can be quite crude and raw. While their acts might be refined, their material is anything but unchallenging.


Unfortunately, many people feel that their bosses are callous and ______.

If your boss does not care that you need the day off for your cat's birthday, your boss is very callous and insensitive. Any sort of concerned or compassionate human being could understand why you need to be at home on such an important day.


If you don't want to do something, you would refuse and ______.

If you really don't want to attend your coworker's weekend sack race, you should refuse and decline with politeness. You don't want to give the wrong impression by endorsing or consenting to the event.


When it comes to laws, you must comply and ______.

Although you may think the 35 mile per hour zone in your town is bogus, you must comply with and acquiesce to the law. The law is the law and you must obey it.


We hope your next year will be fruitful and ______.

Every year on December 31st, we hope that our next year will be better. We hope that the coming months will be more fruitful and productive than the year before.


Everyone has a relative who is a little insane and _____.

If you do not have a relative who is a little insane and irrational, you haven't had a proper family dinner. Our insane relatives bring a little more to the table than mashed potatoes with their irrational thoughts and actions.


Many buildings in the city have been vacated and ______.

Many empty buildings have been vacated and abandoned. Sometimes, it is easier for a property owner to move on than to improve the property.


Professional boxers like to fight and _______.

Even in the name of sport, boxers love to fight and combat one another for the title. Out of the ring, they have a lot of respect and agreement for one another.


When you see your best friend eating donuts, you know the situation is serious and _______.

Though there is no occasion needed to have a donut, seeing someone with a plate full of them can express a serious and severe situation. If it's your best friend, you might want to see if everything is okay. Don't be flippant in your approach.


A lot of people love horror films that are morbid and _______.

A lot of people more than love morbid and grim horror films, they are die-hard fans. With so many well-crafted films out there, it's easy to see why people like their less than cheerful onscreen offerings.


You have to be careful on the internet. Many sites are salacious and ______.

If something is salacious or indecent, you should take care to guard yourself. Good reputations are built on clean and moral behavior.


Your opponents need to be challenged and ______.

There's only one way to deal with an opponent. You have to challenge and confront them. Ignoring them or denying them the opportunity to prove their worth isn't fair to either of you.


There's never a reason to look at someone with disgust and _______.

It might be tempting to be less than approving sometimes, but there's never a reason to look at another person with disgust or revulsion. You never know what sort of encouragement they need.


We look at our leaders with reverence and ______.

When we admire others, we regard them with reverence and awe. We do not try to dishonor them with condemnation or with disdain.


Are you the person in your family who dawdles and _______?

Every family has a procrastinator that dawdles their way through life. They put off things until they absolutely need to be done.


It's refreshing to meet people who are nice and ______.

Someone who is nice is very cordial. It's always great to meet people who are naturally kind. It's tough to get to know people when they are aloof or disagreeable.


When you were a kid, you probably made a couple of decisions that were foolish and ______.

The only way we learn is to make mistakes. When you were younger, you most likely made at least a couple asinine and foolish decisions. We did!


Many entrepreneurs are industrious and ______.

In order to be a self-starter, you have to be quite diligent and industrious. No business will run efficiently with apathy or laziness involved.


Getting a smaller piece of pie than everyone else is unfair and ______.

There is nothing more unfair or dishonest than getting a smaller piece of the pie than anyone else at the table. Stand up for yourself. You deserve a fair and ethical portion just like everyone else!


A talent like Beyonce's is rare and ______.

It's not every day someone comes along who can sing and dance like the Queen B. Her talent is very rare and uncommon.


Actors and actresses are known for their celebrity and their ______.

Hollywood is full of people known for their talent, their celebrity, and their stardom. They are not seen as lowly people that lack importance.


The best kind of cookies are gooey and ______.

The best kind of cookies come out of the oven with gooey, tacky, and warm centers. They should never be dry, crumbly, or runny!


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