Quiz: Choose “This or That” and We'll Guess If You're Male or Female
Choose “This or That” and We'll Guess If You're Male or Female
By: Talin Vartanian
Image: Chris Ryan / OJO / Getty Images

About This Quiz

"This or that" is a classic game where you choose between one of two options. Examples of such questions include "ice cream or cookies," "Batman or Superman" or "living in San Francisco or Boston." These types of questions will give us insight into what your personality is really like. So if you're ready for more questions like these, it's time for you to play "this or that" with us.

The game of "this or that" challenges a person to think logically and creatively when choosing between two choices. Rhetorical and philosophical questions may also be asked, such as, "Is it better to have loved and lost someone, or to have never loved anyone at all?" Such questions will tell us what your soul is like and what's more important to you in life. And don't worry, if you think you might not like either choice that we will provide with a question - you'll actually get a total of four answer options to choose from. 

So don't overthink the answers too much; just go with your instincts and tell us if you're more of a "this" or a "that" person. It's time to find out if you're a male or a female right now.

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Would you describe your intellect as more creative or logical?

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When choosing a good book to read, do you prefer fiction or non-fiction?

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Which city matches your personality more: Los Angeles or New York City?

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It's 5:00 p.m. and you're exhausted from work. Do you order takeout or cook a quick meal?

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When it comes to communication, do you prefer calling or texting somebody?

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The love of your life just broke up with you! Are you going to drink alone or with friends?

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Pick one of these superpowers: breathing underwater or breathing fire?

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It's time to choose where you want to exercise: outside or at the gym?

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Which of these TV shows would you want to binge watch: "Friends" or "Gilmore Girls"?

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Do you prefer an exotic makeup look or a natural "no makeup" look?

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Are you more likely to order an appetizer or a dessert at a restaurant?

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What keeps you warm at night: wearing layers or cranking up the heat?

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Your friend dares you to eat a snail or a cricket for $100. Which do you choose?

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Is your personality more like a cat or a dog?

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You have the day off today! Are you going to read books or watch movies all day?

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Where do you want to retire: in a bustling city or on a tropical island?

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What's the best kind of music to listen to: rock or jazz?

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Is your closet filled with more high heels or sneakers?

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What sounds like more fun: surfing in the ocean or skiing on a mountain?

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Would you rather be Batman or the Joker for a day?

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Which of these accessories is prettier: necklace or earrings?

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