Quiz: Choose Your Favorite ’90s Things and We’ll Give You a ’90s Theme Song
Choose Your Favorite ’90s Things and We’ll Give You a ’90s Theme Song
By: Sameena Mughal
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About This Quiz

The '90s were a time of great change. Glam rock died off. Grunge and alternative took its place. Flannel shirts, baggy jeans, and Timberlands made their way to closets from Seattle to New York and beyond. The World Wide Web introduced itself to the world and has become a permanent fixture ever since. The first file sharing service, Napster changed the way we listened to music. The '90s were the beginning of some of our greatest technology like Google, Windows, Apple and many others. So many things came and went, too.

What were the things you remember best? Was it movies, music, clothes or television shows? Major blockbusters like" Titanic" and "Jurassic Park" captured people's imaginations all over the world. "Friends," "That 70s Show" and so many other sitcoms had people glued to their television sets. We first got to know "The Simpsons" in the '90s. Grunge, gangsta rap and techno shook the music world. Video games replaced arcade games. Cross Colours, Benetton and Tommy Hilfiger sparked the bright fashion craze.

Whether you were into grunge, rap or pop, you had certain music cranked on your CD player or walkman. You had a certain look you rocked, games you played, drinks you liked. Take a fantastic voyage back in time with us during this quiz. See what '90s classic is your theme song! Have fun!

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What was your number one fashion accessory: a tattoo necklace choker, a terry wristband or a slap bracelet?

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What was your beverage of choice in the'90s: Jolt, Mello Yello, Zima, Crystal Pepsi?

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What is your favorite name inspired by a cartoon character: Arthur, Angelica, Daria or Dexter?

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Who was the best '90s television character: Tony Soprano, Ross Geller, Bart Simpson or Sophia Petrillo?

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