Choose Your Favorite Disney Characters and We'll Match You to Your Ideal Haircut

Ian Fortey

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About This Quiz

Getting a haircut can often be a stressful proposition for anyone.  Do you go with the same old, same old or something new and exciting you feel might be eye-catching? What if the person who usually cuts your hair isn't there, though? What if they try something new and it turns your head into some kind of modern art piece of regret and cringes?  There's a lot going on there.  The upside is that you can at least go into getting a haircut with an idea of what works best for you thanks to this quiz!

See, we have a little bit of insight into the follicle sciences and it's very much based on what we'll call Disneyology. If you tell us who your favorite Disney characters are, which ones have stood the test of time and made themselves part of the pantheon of Disney awesomeness in your mind, we can use that information to choose the perfect haircut for you.  Are you a Mohawk kind of person? Do you need a Pixie cut?  A topknot? Waves? Bangs? A perm?  There are as many choices as there are exceptional Disney characters to choose from, so you may as well get started right away.

Which secondary character was the breakout star of the Lion King?

Sidekicks are awesome, but sidekick pairs are even better. Which pair of sidekicks did you like the most?

Disney is great at hitting you in the feels. What character made you get a little weepy?

Who's the greatest hero in Disney history?

If you're a dog person, Disney has a lot of pups to choose from. Which dog is the best of the bunch?

If you're a cat person, Disney movies have a long feline history to go through. Which kitty is king?

There are plenty of mice and rats in Disney's history. Which one is your favorite?

Which of these reptiles made the biggest impression on you?

Disney teaches a lot about not judging books by their covers. Which character that didn't seem heroic at first was the best?

Disney dives into the ocean more than once. Which fish is the best of the bunch?

If you look to the skies, you'll find a lot of birds in Disney movies. Which feathered friend did you like the most?

Even though Disney does a ton of different stories now, some of their most famous movies are based on fairy tales. Which one is your favorite?

Disney has managed to base several movies on theme park rides. Which did you like the most?

Not every Disney character is a living thing. Which of these Disney robots did you like the most?

Which Disney princess is by far the greatest of them all?

Princesses get most of the attention, but there are a lot of princes. Which one is your favorite?

A good villain is one you can also sympathize with. Which complex Disney villain did you like the most?

Everyone loves Pixar movies, right? But do you think you can pick just one favorite?

Disney doesn't always score a winner when they release a movie. Which of these is your least favorite?

If a Disney movie does really well, you can count on a sequel. Which sequel did you like the most?

Not every Disney sequel makes it to theaters. Which of these direct-to-video releases was the best one?

Which remarkably strong Disney character is the coolest?

Some Disney villains are scarier than others. Which Disney villain was the most nightmare-inducing?

Lots of Disney characters have some pretty impressive powers. Whose abilities are the best?

Disney has an unusually large number of duck characters, which one do you like the most?

There are 7 dwarves and you need to pick the best one!

Which one of the toys from Toy Story would you want to have in your toy box?

There's a whole world of monsters in Monsters Inc., which one is the coolest?

Which Disney character can you not help feeling sorry for?

If you could hang out in the Hundred Acre Wood, which character would you like to spend most of your time with?

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