Choose Your Favorite Disney Characters and We'll Guess Which Hogwarts House You Belong In!

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About This Quiz

If you're a Harry Potter fan, then there must've been a point in your life where you've waited for your Hogwarts acceptance letter. Now that you know it won't be coming (that ruddy owl Errol must've lost it), the next best thing is to take a quiz that'll let you know which house you would've been sorted into, had Errol not lost your letter, of course. And what better way to do that than to bring Disney into the mix? So, we want you to tell us all about your favorite characters. In return, we'll let you know where the Sorting Hat would've placed you. 

We want to know all about your character preferences. Do you think Mickey Mouse is awesome, or is he just some washed up, old and dated rodent who needs to give someone else a go? Did Aladdin deserves to get Jasmine, or did she belong with someone a bit sinister like Jafar? And of course, we'll throw in a few Harry Potter questions, because what's a true Hogwarts quiz without them. But the majority of the questions will be about your tastes concerning the best of the best Disney characters. 

So, come tell us your honest thoughts about a few Disney characters so that we can tell you where you belong at Hogwarts. 

Which Mickey Mouse was your favorite?

Which of these princesses are you not a big fan of?

Which prince would sweep you off your feet?

Which character had the nicest home?

Which sidekick would you want to accompany you?

And which pet would you leave at home?

Which Disney dad would you not want to defy?

But which mom would be your best friend?

Which king's advisor did the best job?

And which fairy would you make your child's godmother?

Disney has some pretty exotic animals. Which of these would you house-sit?

Most Disney characters are teens or adults. Which kid character do you see yourself in?

Which really wise, old character would you take advice from?

Who had the best singing voice?

What character from Alice in Wonderland are you most curious about?

Kuzco was turned into a llama. What's the best things about llamas?

Which Pixar family is your favorite?

Who has the coolest powers?

Which Disney villain would you not mind working for?

Which Disney underdog were you rooting for?

Let's talk Harry Potter. Which house do you hope you're in?

What would you favorite class be?

Which teacher would you despise?

Which of Harry's friends is your favorite?

Which position on the Quidditch team would you NOT want?

Which N.E.W.T. score would you get the most of?

Which horcrux was the most difficult to find and destroy?

Where would one find you during the battle of Hogwarts?

If you had a time turner, whose death would you reverse?

What did you think of The Cursed Child?

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