Choose Your Favorite Movies and We'll Guess Your Emotional Age

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One's emotional age has nothing to do with how old they truly are. Emotional age, or as some people also call it emotional maturity, is a show of how one feels in certain areas of their life. For example, you could be over 50 and have the stamina of a 20-year-old when it comes to fitness. Or, you could be in your mid-30s but feel like you're in your 60s when it comes to your job. It really all depends on how you feel about certain things, whether it be your work, your friends, and a host of other areas in your life. 

We're just going to focus on one of these facets today, and that is your taste in movies. We're going to use your favorites and the ones that may annoy you to calculate what your emotional age is. We'll ask you about your favorite Johnny Depp film, which Avengers movie was the best, which cowboy movie got you really excited and which romantic comedy is your guilty pleasure. Answer all these questions and more and we'll tell you what your emotional age is. Do we have a deal?

Would you call yourself a movie buff?

How often do you go to the movies?

What genre is your favorite?

Who do you usually watch them with?

How many movies do you think you've seen?

Which of these children's movies is your favorite?

Let's talk horror. Which scary movie really puts you on edge?

We can learn a lot from cooking films. But which of these was the most entertaining?

Of course we had to ask about superheroes. Which movie is the best?

Let's talk aliens. Which movie's aliens would you want to meet?

In your opinion, which Disney movie has the best music?

Movies about wars are really great. But which is the greatest?

Speaking of the greatest, which Rambo film was your favorite?

This would not be a true movie quiz if we didn't ask about zombies. Which of these is the best?

Musicals! Which of these had you singing from start to end?

Space is a great place to film a movie. Which of these really transported you?

Which true story really sparked your interest?

Let's fast forward into the future. Which movie about robots do you love watching?

If you had to choose one gangster movie to have on replay, which would it be?

How could we forget about spies and secret agents? Which of these were you a big fan of?

Which TV show turned movie are you a fan of?

Which Johnny Depp movie is the best, hands down?

Which witchy movie is the best?

What movie about dogs really melted your heart?

We know we just asked about dogs, but the other animals need a chance. Which animal movie would you watch again and again?

Which children's classic really takes you back?

Which movie about cars do you love?

Which of these romantic comedies made you giggle?

And if you had to remake one classic black and white movie, which of these would it be?

We hate dwelling on the negative, but we have to know which of these is the worst movie of all time. Can you tell us?

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