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Over the last 20 years, four-wheel-drive trucks have grown in popularity. There are so many models, in fact, that it may be difficult knowing how to pick one that's right for your needs. To get a better idea of how to choose the right vehicle, take this quiz.

What should your first concern be when considering a 4X4?

You need to decide what you will be using the truck for.


Can any 4X4 vehicle be used for off-roading?

It depends on the vehicle and the terrain you intend to travel.


Is there an advantage to buying a well equipped used truck?

It will cost less and has probably already experienced hard traveling.


What is the key factor in choosing an off-roading truck?

Choose a rugged 4X4 model.


What is common to all these trucks in terms of power?

They all have powerful engines with plenty of torque.


How does the suspension feel on normal paved roads?

The suspension feels stiff because it's intended for rough terrain.


What are skid plates?

They protect the underside of the vehicle from rocks and debris.


When is a locking differential most effective?

It is most effective in sand and snow but harmful on dry paved roads.


What is a locking differential?

All the wheels spin at the same rate, even the outside ones in a turn, in order to prevent slipping.


Do off-road vehicles need to be specially adapted for the climate other than the normal preparations of any cars?

Because of the difficult terrain, even these powerful monsters need to be prepared for a particular climate.


What is essential in a cold climate?

A more powerful battery and heavy duty starter are essentials.


What would make the engine start easier?

An engine block heater will keep the engine warm for an easier start.


What is needed in hot climates?

A transmission fluid cooler is needed.


How would you keep the engine from overheating?

A larger radiator will help.


What is one of the innovative safety features of the Dodge Ram 2500?

It has front airbags as well as side curtain airbags.


What does the Enhanced Accident Response System do?

In the event of an accident it turns on interior lights, unlocks doors, turns on hazard lights and shuts off the fuel supply.


What prevents or reduces injury to passengers?

Rigid frames and crumple zones are meant to reduce injuries.


What do the rollover sensors of the Toyota Tundra do?

They operate the side curtain airbags to reduce injuries.


What is the first thing that new 4X4 owners usually swap out?

They usually fit bigger tires.


Why happens in city driving on knobby off-road tires?

They are noisy on the road and increase gas consumption.


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