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Selecting among assisted living facilities takes a lot of research. You want to ensure that your loved ones are safe, happy and well cared for. So do you know how to discern which facilities are the best? Take our quiz and find out!

Where should an assisted living facility be located?

The facility should be close enough to family and friends that the senior citizen can visit with them often and still maintain a sense that they're part of their community.


Why should the facility be licensed by the state?

State funds, such as Medicaid, are sometimes only available if the senior chooses a licensed facility. Licensing usually just indicates that the facility offers basic services, and it may not be indicative of the level of quality offered.


What's the best way to evaluate an assisted living facility?

It's extremely important to tour a facility, preferably during a meal time, so you can evaluate the well-being of the residents. Calling references is also a great way to learn about the satisfaction of residents and their families.


Which facility is the best to choose?

While brand-new facilities may be appealing, old, established ones already have policies and procedures in place and are already set up to take care of residents. They may also be better equipped to ease the transition for new residents.


What is medication management?

Medication management monitors the intake of and interactions with prescription and nonprescription drugs to keep seniors safely on their medication schedules.


When evaluating assisted living facilities, how should you take current residents into account?

You can tell a lot about a facility by seeing how well other residents have adapted and are cared for. Take time to talk to them and see how they like their surroundings.


What is continuing care?

Continuing care provides access to all levels of caretaking, from independent living to nursing homes, as an aging senior's needs require more medical and physical care.


If a senior has dementia or Alzheimer's, what should the facility offer?

Seniors with memory impairments need special care to keep them from getting lost. This includes secure spaces and constant monitoring.


Food choices at an assisted living facility are what?

Some assisted living facilities do everything they can to meet resident's meal requests, and they might even keep a senior's favorite snacks and drinks in stock.


The ideal assisted living facility has a priority to care for what?

Attention to physical and medical needs, in addition to programs that keep the mind active and alert and the spirit joyful, are important considerations when choosing an assisted living facility.


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