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Want to increase the value of your house? Install carpets! But there are so many fiber types to choose from: wool, polyester, nylon acrylic -- where to start? Take our quiz and get the lowdown on the advantages and disadvantages of the materials on the market.

What percentage of the cost of a carpet does the fiber account for?

The fiber of the carpet is the most important aspect to take into consideration when buying a new carpet; so much so that it accounts for 80 percent of the cost.


How many factors are there to take into consideration when choosing which carpet fiber you want?

There are five factors to take into consideration when choosing carpet fiber: the level of traffic, your budget, exposure to moisture, how long you want it to last and if you have children or pets.


Which dying method is of higher quality?

Fibers that are stock dyed are of higher quality than solution dyed fibers. Stock dying is done when the fiber is being made and it penetrates through the fiber; solution dying is done later on in the process and the solution remains on the surface of the fiber only.


From which material are two-thirds of the carpets in the U.S. made from?

Fully 65 percent of carpets in the U.S. are made from nylon, because it is durable, resistant to staining and easy to clean.


When was nylon invented?

Nylon was invented in the 1930s by DuPont as a substitute for silk.


Which type of nylon is better quality?

There are two types of nylon fibers: type 6,6, which has greater strength and durability and type 6. Even though today there is a minimal difference between the two types, the better nylon carpets are made from type 6,6.


From what material are the brand name carpets Tactesse, Durasoft and Anso Caress?

These are the names of a luxurious looking and feeling carpet made from an extra soft nylon, created by drawing thinner fiber strands during the manufacturing process. It is only slightly less durable than standard nylon.


What voltage of static electricity can nylon carpeting generate?

One disadvantage of nylon carpeting is that can generate a static electricity charge of up to about 12,000 volts as you walk across the carpet, which is enough to sting you when you touch a doorknob. Even though most carpets are treated with anti-static, it is best not to use nylon carpeting around sensitive electronic components, such as in the computer room.


What are some nylon carpet brand names?

StainMaster and Wear-Dated are two brand names. Although they may be a little pricier than non-branded carpets, it may be worth the price for their superior quality and stain and static resistance.


What is another name for olefin carpeting?

Polypropylene and olefin carpets are the second most widely used material for carpets, after nylon. It is less expensive than nylon, but not as durable.


What is olefin carpet best used for?

Olefin carpeting is water resistant and chemically inert, so it is not affected by chemicals like bleach or toilet cleaner, making it ideal for bathroom, outdoor and basement use.


What is a major disadvantage of olefin carpet?

Olefin shows up dirt very easily, especially oil and grease stains; even bare feet can mark the carpet. It also does not clean well.


What can polyester fibers me made from?

Polyester can be made from recycled drink bottles, making it environmentally sustainable. It is great for allergy sufferers, as it resists mold and mildew and is very economical.


What is the downside of polyester?

Although in the showroom, polyester carpets look and feel luxurious, they are not very durable. Within a short time, they will appear matted and will not last long.


What percentage of the U.S. market does wool make up?

Wool carpets make up only 1 percent of the market, mainly because it is expensive and because it is not mold, dust or static resistant.


From which country does the finest wool originate?

The finest wool originates in New Zealand. Wool fibers are very durable, hold their twist for a long time and can last up to 60 years if well taken care of.


What is wool a popular choice for?

Because wool has such a luxurious look and feel, people make use of it for rugs, to add a luxurious touch to the living room.


What is acrylic made from?

Acrylic is made from acrylonitrile, a clear plastic. It became popular in the 1960s.


What material is acrylic meant to imitate?

Acrylic is made to look and feel like wool, at a cheaper price, and minus some of its drawbacks, like wool's susceptibility to mildew and tendency to fade.


What is a disadvantage of acrylic?

Acrylic is not as durable as wool -- it deteriorates and pills very quickly and is easily stained by oil and grease.


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