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Having a rental car on your trip can make getting around a lot easier, but choosing one can be a hassle. There are many agencies and many cars to choose from. See what you know about choosing a rental car by taking this quiz and pick up some handy tips along the way.

What is the term given to beneficial stress?

Eustress describes a type of stress that is beneficial, such as the stress which comes from seeing an exhilarating view. Distress is a type of stress usually caused by frustration. Organizing yourself before a trip can help you to eliminate distress and increase eustress.


What sort of cars can you rent from rental car agencies?

These days you can rent almost any type of car, from mini cars to luxury cars or an SUV.


What should you consider before renting a convertible?

A convertible will be a waste of money if the weather at your destination is going to be rain or snow. Also, consider the amount of luggage you have, as a convertible may not be the most appropriate option if you have too many bags to fit in the trunk.


Why is it best to decide what type of car you will need earlier in the planning process?

The earlier you decide on a type of car you need, the more cars will be available, leaving you more options to choose from.


What do you need to be careful of when renting a car in Europe?

European cars are generally smaller than American cars. Make sure you reserve a car that will be big enough for your travel party, but will also fit through the narrow streets of some of the European towns.


What is a problem with large sized cars?

Larger cars consume a lot of gas. They may also be difficult to maneuver.


Which is the most commonly rented car in the USA?

Most Americans rent mid-sized cars, since they generally have better fuel economy and are less expensive to rent.


Which type of transmission do most rental cars in the U.S. have?

Most rental cars have automatic transmissions, since all drivers can drive automatics. However, you can ask for manual if you prefer. It is generally good to clarify which type of transmission your rental car will have, since in some countries manual is the norm.


What ultimately decides which car you will get?

The actual car you end up with will depend on what the rental car agency has available on the day. If you want a specific type of car, try and find an agency that has many of them so that your chances of having one available for you will increase.


In which of the following countries does the driver sit on the right?

In countries such as Ireland and England the steering wheel is on the right. Consider this when choosing which transmission you want, as the manual gears will be on the left in these cars. This can get confusing if you're not used to it and an automatic transmission may be a better option in this case.


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