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It is very important to take breaks when driving for a long time, since fatigue on the roads can be deadly. Rest areas are good places to stretch your legs and use the facilities. But they aren't always the safest places to be. See what you know about choosing a safe rest stop by taking this quiz.

When was the U.S. Interstate Highway System created?

The Interstate Highway System was created in the late 1950s.


When was the first policy regarding rest areas written?

The first rest stop area policy was written in 1958. Rest stops were described as safety measures that provide a place for motorists to rest or to stop in the case of an emergency.


What sort of reputation do rest areas have today?

These days rest areas are known to be unsafe places where crimes like prostitution, theft, vandalism, drug dealing and others occur.


How should you act in a rest area?

Remain alert and avoid people who are hanging around in the rest area, as they are probably up to no good.


What should you take note of as you drive into a rest area as a safety precaution?

Note the name of the stop in case you need to inform authorities of your location.


Where is an advisable place to park in a rest area?

Park in open areas and avoid parking behind things that will block your view of the parking lot, such as behind a truck.


What sort of rest area should you look for as a safety precaution?

Look for a well illuminated rest area, since a well-lit area discourages crime.


Who is a good person to ask to watch out for you while you are at a rest area?

Some rest areas have frequent police patrols or permanent security. You can ask them to keep an eye out for you while you are in the rest area.


When is the most dangerous time to be in a rest area?

It is most dangerous to be in a rest area at nighttime when it is dark, especially if you are alone.


If you are alone, where might be a better place to stop than a rest area?

Visiting a staffed facility, such as a gas station or fast-food outlet, might be a safer option than a rest area if you are travelling on your own at nighttime.


Where can you find out which are safe rest areas?

You can find out which rest stops employ security and other such details in the Interstate Travel Guide.


How can you keep your car safe when you are in a rest area?

Make sure you lock your car when you leave it and don't linger in your car or you might become a target for criminals.


What should you do as a safety precaution if you need to use the facilities in a rest area?

Have someone come with you to the restroom or have them wait outside.


While on a trip, where should you avoid sleeping overnight?

Avoid sleeping in rest areas. In some states it is actually against the law to sleep in rest area due to the high crime rates there. It is safer to sleep in your car overnight in a campground or a state park for a small fee.


What should you do if you feel threatened while in a rest area?

If you are feeling threatened you should drive away before anything can happen to you.


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