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To land a good catch of walleye you need to know how to choose walleye baits and lures. Take this quiz to learn more about how to catch walleyes.

When are walleye most active?

They are most active in the morning and evening.


Where can you often find walleye?

You can often find them around schools of small fish on which they feed.


What can you say about walleye eating habits?

They are not picky -- they eat almost anything.


How do walleye eat?

They suck in water around their prey, swallowing it.


How is the vision of the walleye?

The walleye have strong vision and use it to locate their prey.


What kind of lures are best?

Your best bet is brightly colored lures and you can experiment with colors to see what works best for you.


What water temperature is favored by walleye?

They prefer water at 55 to 68 degrees Fahrenheit (13-20C).


In what part of the lakes will you find the walleye in spring?

They will be in the shallows where it is a bit warmer.


What is the deepest water in which you are likely to find walleye?

You will usually find them in water down to 50 feet (15 meters) deep.


What do trout, smallmouth bass and northern pike have in common?

They are all prey of the walleye.


What is the purpose of a lure?

It is designed to mimic the natural prey of the fish and attract its attention.


What kind of lure movement will attract walleye?

Because they are aggressive hunters, walleye will be attracted by fast moving lures.


How big should the lure be?

It should be about the size of the smaller prey fish.


When will you have better luck with walleye, when it gets colder or warmer?

When the weather gradually gets colder, the walleye follow their prey into shallower, warmer waters that offer less protection.


How do you choose a jig head?

You choose a jig head according to the depth of the water, the deeper the water, the heavier the jig head.


What size crankbait should you use for walleye?

Choose crankbait that mimics the natural prey, between three and five inches (7.5 and 12.5 centimeters) long.


For the colder months what would you use?

A trolling crankbait with a more subtle action is better for the colder months.


When would you usually us a high-action lure?

Since it is designed to go deeper, you would use it in warmer months when the walleye are found in deeper waters.


What kind of bait would you use in cold weather?

Best results will probably be with live bait, the movement of which will be more likely to attract the walleye that are sluggish in cold water.


When can you usually get away with plastic bait?

In warm water the walleye are more aggressive and more likely to go for anything they see.


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