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Christmas bathroom decorations can range from subtle to over the top. Whether you favor a hint of holiday colors or elaborately themed bathroom decor, it's important to do a little planning before you hit the store. Are you ready to deck the halls?

Which of these isn't a good Christmas bathroom decoration?

Electricity and water don't mix. Safety first! If you want to put Christmas lights in the bathroom, string them away from water sources.


When decorating the bathroom for Christmas, how far is too far?

While decor can be subjective, remember that Christmas decorations are temporary. It's probably best to stick with things that are easy to pack up and store, unlike a mural.


When making your own countertop Christmas decorations, which material should you think twice about using?

While paper decorations can be fun to make and look great, you don't want to put them on the counter, where they'll likely get wet. Hang that elf collage on the wall instead.


Which of these isn't a real Christmas bathroom decoration?

While you can dye your toilet water with food coloring if you really want to, it might stain the bowl. It might also confuse the guests at your Christmas party!


Which design is best for a Christmas shower curtain?

Christmas decorations can be refined or more off the wall. Have fun with it, and choose something that fits your personality!


If you're going for a more understated Christmas theme, which of these hand towels would be the best fit?

If you're trying for more of a nod to Christmas rather than all-out themed decor, choosing two Christmas colors instead of all three and avoiding typical holiday icons can help keep things on the classier side while still feeling festive.


When shopping for Christmas bathroom decorations, it's a good idea to:

Whether you're going for understated or in-your-face Christmas decorations, working with the colors already in your bathroom will help your choices look intentional.


When choosing Christmas decorations for a small child's bathroom, which of these is less than ideal?

Skip both of these -- avoiding a chocking hazard is probably a no-brainer, and those life-sized dolls can frighten small children if they get up to use the bathroom at night.


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