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Chronic sinus congestion can be caused by allergens or by a structural problem in the face which leads to a build up of secretions in the nasal sinuses. This condition causes much discomfort and may affect your ability to perform your daily activities. But there are ways to manage and even cure chronic sinus congestion. To see how much you know about chronic sinus congestion, have a go at this quiz.

What time of year is chronic sinus congestion usually worst?

Pollen and other environment allergens in the air increase in the spring and fall. Often chronic sinus congestion is exacerbated at these times of the year.


Which of the following foods can be a trigger for chronic sinus congestion?

Refined sugars, such as white table sugar, can aggravate the hormone balance in the body and lead to the growth of dangerous bacteria. Other foods may also be the source of the problem so an elimination diet may help to find the cause.


What helps to thin the secretions from chronic sinus congestion?

Water can help to thin nasal secretions and allow for better drainage. It is recommended to drink eight glasses of water a day to stay well hydrated.


How does exercise help with chronic sinus congestion?

Exercise promotes sinus drainage and also helps to boost the immune system.


Which of the following can be shown to directly worsen chronic sinus congestion?

Smoking badly damages the cells lining the sinuses, exacerbating sinus inflammation.


Which of the following methods may relieve sinus pain?

Applying heat pads to the forehead and cheekbones for 15 - 20 minutes a day may help relieve sinus pain.


Which gland may become overworked when the body is battling allergies?

The adrenal gland assists in managing stress, but may become overworked in chronic sinus congestion, leading to fatigue. Medication supplements such as vitamin B complex and B-5 may help support the adrenal gland.


Which herbal substance is used in the treatment of chronic sinus congestion?

Turmeric is one of the herbal substances used to treat chronic sinus congestion.


Which treatment option is often used for structural problems causing chronic sinus congestion?

Structural changes can usually be fixed by surgery.


How long would a patient normally suffer from chronic sinus congestion before a doctor administers antibiotics?

There is not much benefit in trying antibiotics until symptoms have occurred for at least 10 days. Antibiotics may help some people, but they aren't always effective and may worsen chronic sinus congestion if overused.


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