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Racism and discrimination didn't end with the Civil War. How much do you know about the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s?

James Meredith was the first black student to enroll at which university?

It started such an upheaval that thousands of federal troops were called to restore order.


Who coined the phrase "Black power?"

He was a leader of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee.


What did Martin Luther King Jr. write that individuals have a moral duty to do?

He insisted that people must take action against unfair legislation.


When did the 15th Amendment give black males the right to vote?

It was half a decade after the Civil War ended.


What new rules were so-called "freedom riders" testing?

They rode buses and made many stops to determine whether integration was really working.


What major city successfully used a bus boycott to fight bus segregation?

It was inspired by the events in Montgomery.


From which state did the "Brown vs. Board of Education" case arise?

The Supreme Court ultimately ruled that segregation in public schools is unconstitutional.


How old was Martin Luther King Jr. when he was shot and killed in Memphis?

His spinal column was severed by an assassin's bullet.


In 1960, black students from a North Carolina college were refused lunch service at a counter in which chain store?

Six months later, the store caved and finally served them.


Why was Emmett Till murdered by white men in Mississippi?

The case helped fuel the civil rights movement; the murderers were acquitted by a white jury.


Who is credited with honing nonviolent protest tactics?

He also was jailed for refusing to report for the draft in 1951.


Martin Luther King Jr. worked with Fred Shuttlesworth and Charles Steele to create which organization?

The SCLC helped black citizens score some of their biggest civil rights victories.


After the Rosa Park incident sparked unrest, how long did the Montgomery bus boycott last?

The buses were finally desegregated in 1956.


Where did Martin Luther King Jr. deliver his "I Have a Dream" speech?

It was the culmination of the March on Washington, which brought nationwide attention to the movement.


Which president signed an executive order abolishing racial discrimination in the United States military?

Before the order, black soldiers had to wait three years just to begin combat training.


How long did it take to convict the white man who murdered Medgar Evers, who worked with the NAACP?

He died in prison in 2001.


What was the purpose of the Mississippi Summer Project?

It was started in 1964 and operated by volunteers.


The governor of which state blocked nine students from being integrated into a formerly all-white school?

Orval Faubus earned a place in infamy with that decision.


Why was Claudette Colvin arrested?

She was the first person arrested in the bus conflict.


About how many people attended the March on Washington in August of 1963?

It was a peaceful demonstration and about 25% of protesters were white.


The doctrine of "separate but equal" was used to justify what?

It was ultimately struck down by the Supreme Court in 1954.


To which city did Rosa Parks flee after her notoriety made life impossible in Alabama?

She left Montgomery in 1957 hoping to find a less tumultuous life.


Which artist did NOT perform at the March on Washington?

Mahalia Jackson and Peter, Paul and Mary, among others, also contributed their time and energy to the cause.


Which civil rights leader said "Patience is a dirty and nasty word?"

He said black people were tired of waiting for their equal rights.


Which U.S. president proposed that Congress pass legislation guaranteeing equal rights for all people?

Just months later he was assassinated in Dallas.


Huey Newton and Bobby Seale founded which organization?

The group promoted violence as the only way for blacks to free themselves from white power.


What year was the Civil Rights Act finally signed?

It was by far the most comprehensive civil rights legislation since Reconstruction.


Who murdered Malcolm X?

Black Muslims were suspected but no one was ever arrested.


How long did it take the police to catch James Earl Ray after he murdered Martin Luther King Jr.?

Like a true criminal, he was apprehended after he robbed a London bank.


On what subject did the Supreme Court rule in Loving v. Virginia?

The ruling forced 16 states to change their laws on the matter.


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