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For more than a century and a half, the American Civil War has inspired countless works of art. How much do you know about Civil War movies?

"The Horse Soldiers" stars which actor?

The story focuses on a weeks-long raid by Union forces.


Adjusted for inflation, it's box office numbers make which film the most successful in history?

Some estimates say that in today's dollars the film would've made more than $3.4 billion.


Draft riots are a critical part of the story in which movie?

Armed rioters caused incredible unrest, particularly in New York City.


The screenplay for "Glory" was based on what?

Letters written by Col. Robert Gould Shaw were the basis for this film.


Stolen Confederate gold provides a major plot point for which movie?

The film starts with war scenes that give way to a frontier setting.


What role does George Peppard play in "How the West Was Won?"

Decades later he would tote guns again…in "The A-Team."


The film "Lincoln" was shot mostly in which state?

Petersburg, in particular, was essential to many of the film's exterior scenes.


What's special about the Army unit portrayed in "Glory?"

The officers, though, were still white.


Who does John Wayne play in "How the West Was Won?"

Gregory Peck and Henry Fonda also appeared.


Actors used live ammunition for battle scenes in which movie?

They were also forced to endure boot camp to help them settle into their roles.


How much did "The Red Badge of Courage" earn at the box office?

Meddling by the studio is sometimes blamed for an edited version that fared poorly.


Anthony Perkins played a lead role in which film in 1956?

This film combined elements of drama with comedy.


"The Killer Angels," by Michael Shaara, was adapted into what film?

It was originally supposed to a TV miniseries but wound up on the big screen instead.


Which Academy Award did "Gone with the Wind" NOT win?

Instead, that award went to Robert Donat for "Goodbye, Mr. Chips"


Ennio Morricone composed the score for which movie?

The haunting theme song has influenced decades of movie making.


"Rocky Mountain" was originally slated to be called what?

The movie follows Southern soldiers that travel all the way to California.


What's the running time of "Gettysburg?"

It's one of the longest films Hollywood has ever released.


How many times has "Little Women" been adapted for film?

The latest version was released in 1994 and stars Winona Ryder, Kirsten Dunst and Claire Danes.


Which director took the helm for "Lincoln" in 2012?

His solid work helped Daniel Day-Lewis win an Academy Award for Best Actor.


Elizabeth Taylor's co-star nearly killed himself due to substance abuse during filming of which production?

Montgomery Clift's drinking and drugging led to a car accident; his injuries are evident in the second half of the film.


In which film does documentary filmmaker Ken Burns make a cameo appearance?

He wasn't the only one; Ted Turner dropped by for a scene, too.


Lauren Holly and Tom Skerritt star in "Field of Lost Shoes," which refers to which muddy battle?

The muddy fields sucked the boots right off of the feet of many soldiers.


How many women auditioned for the part of Scarlett O'Hara's character in "Gone with the Wind?"

The producer was determined to find the perfect actress to play opposite of Clark Gable.


Before appearing in "The Horse Soldiers," Althea Gibson was a star in which sport?

She insisted on changing the script because the dialogue was offensive to her character.


A real-life WWII hero played the lead character in which movie?

Audie Murphy did more acting but died in a plane crash when he was only 45.


Which movie makes a hero out of George Armstrong Custer?

Errol Flynn plays the primary role, portraying Custer as a hero for the ages.


In which movie does a rich landowner refuse to take sides in the war?

James Stewart plays a man pulled in all directions.


Which movie opens with the infamous "Battle of the Crater" incident?

Union troops detonated a mine under Confederate lines hoping to break a stalemate.


Her role in "Cold Mountain" netted Renee Zellweger which award?

The movie also starred Tom Cruise, Nicole Kidman, Natalie Portman and other huge names.


In what year was a sequel to "Gone with the Wind" released?

And it was a TV miniseries instead of a big-screen production.


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