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The American Civil War is often called the first "modern war," pitting high-powered weapons versus archaic battlefield tactics. How much do you know about weapons of the Civil War?

At the outset of the war, the arsenals of both armies were stocked mostly with which weapon?

The muskets were far outdated, featuring technology that was a century old.


How were some Civil War gun barrels innovative?

The rifling helped to spin the projectiles, making them more stable and accurate.


What was the mostly commonly used firearm in the Civil War?

The rifled barrel gave it an effective firing range of up to 400 yards.


About how many rounds per minute could trained troops fire using the Springfield rifle?

Prior to the Springfield rifle, many troops were stuck using smooth-bored muskets that were wildly inaccurate.


How did the Union army deploy hot air balloons?

The balloons offered good vantage points for battlefield commanders trying to make sense of enemy movements.


What was the weight of the Parrott Rifle?

It was a cannon that fired mostly 20-pound projectiles and had a range of around 2,000 yards.


How were the first Civil War ironclad ships powered?

The newfangled ironclad ships immediately revolutionized shipbuilding.


Due to an insufficient number of firearms, in 1862 Georgia's governor ordered the creation of what weapon?

Thousands of the spear-like weapons were manufactured but there's no record of them actually being used in battle.


What was the maximum range of the Napoleon cannon?

It was more commonly known as a "12-pounder" for the weight of the projectile it fired.


Which weapon caused only about 5% of Civil War casualties?

They were used in many, many battles but caused mostly psychological harm to the opposing side.


Which gun was the most widely used weapon in the Confederate army?

It had an effective range of about 500 yards.


How were wounds caused by the conical Minie ball different than those inflicted by round musket balls?

And when they impacted bones, they caused them to shatter; as a result many soldiers were subjected to amputations.


Why were casualty rates so high during Civil War battles?

The weapons were incredibly powerful but medicine in general wasn't advanced enough to save wounded soldiers.


The 6th Pennsylvania Cavalry was first armed with what weapon?

Nicknamed "Rush's Lancers," they were eventually rearmed with rifles.


How were calcium lights used during some attacks during the Civil War?

The bright lights were used during the Union attack on Fort Wagner to help gunners find their marks; they also blinded the Confederate soldiers.


What special feature was included on the Sharps military carbine?

The hand-cranked grinder was probably used for wheat or corn.


Which weapon was responsible for about 90% of all Civil War casualties?

To ensure a hit, soldiers often held their fire until the enemy was in very close proximity.


For the siege of Petersburg, Union commanders personally purchased what kind of new weapon?

The U.S. government actually never officially adopted the weapon, which was essentially a machine gun.


Why were government officials reluctant to invest in new arms technology at the beginning of the war?

No one thought the South would be able to draw out the conflict.


At which battle did the Spencer rifle make a powerful impression?

Union forces used the repeating rifle to cut down masses of Confederates.


Why were Ketchum grenades hard to use?

They actually featured stabilizing fins, like darts, but they were still of dubious value.


Which weapon did Confederate soldiers commonly use to kill Union artillery crews?

It had an effective range of 1,000 yards, making it useful for snipers.


How many side-by-side barrels did the Billinghurst Requa Battery feature?

They could be fired in a single volley, making it a very lethal weapon, but other weapons made this one obsolete.


During the Civil War, land mines were commonly called what?

They were used more by Confederates forces; many people thought they were inhumane.


Why did Civil War cavalry men carry multiple pistols?

As with rifles, pistol technology advanced during the war, making it less necessary to lug around multiple weapons.


What was the range of the Hale rocket launcher?

It was more accurate than previous rocket systems but didn't see widespread action.


How many shots could the Henry rifle fire before it had to be reloaded?

Repeating rifles offered soldiers a tremendous advantage over foes who had only single-shot muzzleloaders.


Union Gen. William Sherman called which weapon, "not warfare, but murder?"

To protect his soldiers, he forced Confederate POWs to march at the head of Union formations.


How many rounds per minute could a Gatling gun fire?

In an era of slow muzzleloaders, the Gatling gun was a technological marvel.


How many miles of telegraph line were installed only for the purpose of military communications?

The telegraph system was one of the most important weapons in the war, helping armies coordinate their movements.


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