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Love British television and space cowboys? You'll do just fine on this one, also known as the "All the Shows You Like" quiz.

British sketch comedy troupe Monty Python's television series was called …

"Monty Python's Flying Circus" ran from 1969 to 1974 but is still a hit with many comedy nerds.


"Firefly" played with what genres?

Although just 14 episodes aired, the space western TV show has rabid fans.


Who is Angela Chase's long-yearned-for crush in "My So-Called Life"?

It's fair to say that most women who grew up in the '90s will never forget the name Jordan Catalano.


What state is the setting for the (fictional) Twin Peaks?

And man, did Dale Cooper love those Douglas firs in Washington.


Who did NOT guest star on the first run of "Arrested Development"?

But I'm sure they would've made Hulk Hogan work.


"Battlestar Galactica" aired in the early 2000s. What is the name of the series it's based on?

The series reboot was incredibly imaginative; the name wasn't.


Who had a breakout role in the critically embraced "Freaks and Geeks"?

Rogen made his screen debut on the show, which aired from 1999-2000.


Where did the "The Kids in the Hall" form?

They caught the attention of fellow Canadian Lorne Michaels for a big break.


"Xena: Warrior Princess" is a spinoff of what show?

Xena became a big cult hit, and comic conventions still feature Xena cosplay.


What cult British sitcom was turned into a feature film in 2016, 20 years after the original series ended?

Patsy and Edina live on.


What is John Cleese's character's name in "Fawlty Towers"?

His name is Basil Fawlty. Don't mention the war.


In 2012, Tim Burton made a feature film of what gothic soap opera that aired from 1966 to 1971?

"Dark Shadows" flopped, but the show still has big fans.


It may be a cult American hit, but what British television series has been making episodes since 1963?

While there was a big break in 1989, "Doctor Who" was revived in 2005.


Who are the two humans trapped with robots in "Mystery Science Theater 3000"?

Forced to watch bad movies with robot friends, Joel — and later Mike — makes the best of it.


"Chappelle's Show" featured …

While the show is most known for the sketch material, Dave Chappelle also had stand-up and musical acts on his show.


What is the name of the giant mining spaceship that Lister and friends live on in "Red Dwarf"?

But a smaller Starbug vessel also houses the crew for awhile.


"Aqua Teen Hunger Force" is …

Cartoon Network aired the always-bizarre show for 11 seasons.


When did "Batman: The Animated Series" originally air?

Remember the Fox Kids network? If you do, it's probably only because you watched "Batman" back in the day.


What is the premise of "Strangers With Candy"?

That last one is a cult television show waiting to happen, but it's about a woman who goes back to high school.


Who starred in the cult sketch show "Mr. Show"?

The original HBO show aired in the mid-'90s and starred Odenkirk and Cross.


How many seasons was the original "The X-Files" on air?

The original Fox show lasted 10 seasons but got a revival in 2016.


How many seasons was the original "Star Trek" on air?

While it inspired films and loads of reboots, "Star Trek: The Original Series" only aired from 1966 to 1969.


How many seasons was "Star Trek: The Next Generation" on the air?

It was on the air for seven seasons. Sir Patrick Stewart made it so.


Who created "Fraggle Rock"?

The Fraggles were like the Muppets' cousins.


What Wayans brothers wrote and created "In Living Color"?

Although many Wayans siblings were on the show, Keenen Ivory Wayans and Damon Wayans created it.


How many episodes were on the original U.K. version of "The Office"?

There were 12 episodes, enough to cringe every time you think of David Brent.


What are the names of the Russian spies in "The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show"?

Their names are Boris and Natasha. Beware communists!


Where was Golden Girl Rose Nylund born and raised?

She was from St. Olaf, Minnesota, and she wasn't going to let anyone forget it.


Eight-year-old kids Brendon, Melissa and Jason made home movies for fun in what TV show?

The animated series aired on Cartoon Network and wouldn't be the same without Coach McGuirk.


"Buffy the Vampire Slayer" has been written about in how many academic papers, essays and books?

Yup, Buffy has spawned at least 200 academic titles.


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