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My Little Pony started as an '80s toy line and blossomed into an entertainment phenomenon that's still going strong 30 years later. Take our quiz to see how much you remember about the original MLP, from toys to TV!

What was the original name for the My Little Pony toys?

My Little Pony started as My Pretty Pony when it was released in 1981 under Hasbro's Romper Room brand.


What color did the original pony come in?

The original My Pretty Pony came in a very realistic shade of brown. It was around 10 inches (25 centimeters) tall and would wiggle its ears if you tickled it under the chin.


True or false: My Pretty Pony had no symbol on the flank.

The flank on the first pony was plain brown. It wasn't until a second peach-colored model was released that a heart design was added to the flank.


Which of these accessories came with My Pretty Pony?

The My Pretty Pony was designed so kids could play with it like a doll. It included a tiny brush, comb and fashionable hat.


What year did the colorful miniponies replace the brown My Pretty Pony?

Hasbro shrunk its My Pretty Pony down to about 5 inches (13 centimeters) and released it in several different colors when My Little Pony debuted in 1983.


How many ponies were in the first My Little Pony line in 1983?

The first line consisted of six ponies, including Cotton Candy, Blue Belle, Butterscotch, Minty, Snuzzle and Blossom.


True or false: The original ponies released in 1983 had flat feet.

The first line of ponies had flat feet, while preceding generations all came with a concave hoof. The earliest ponies also had bowed heads, which were uncommon in later generations.


True or false: It took Hasbro several years to expand beyond the six original ponies.

The My Little Pony line exploded in 1984, with the introduction of unicorns, Pegasus ponies, rainbow-haired ponies, sea ponies and seated varieties.


When did My Little Pony appear on TV for the first time?

The toys made it to TV for the first time in a 1984 30-minute special called "Rescue at Midnight Castle."


Who is the villain in "Rescue at Midnight Castle"?

In the 1984 pony debut, a team of monsters led by the evil Scorpan attacks Dream Valley.


What pony is the hero of "Rescue at Midnight Castle"?

The Pegasus pony Firefly, with the help of a human girl named Megan, saves the day in the 1984 TV special.


What evil sorceress are the ponies trying to escape from in the second My Little Pony TV special?

The ponies fight to escape the evil Catrina in the 1985 special "Escape From Catrina."


Where does Catrina live?

Catrina lives in an underground cave and forces furry creatures called Bushwoolies to help her create magic potions.


True or false: "My Little Pony: The Movie" premiered before the TV series.

"My Little Pony: The Movie" was a modest success when it premiered in 1986, before the iconic cartoon series ever hit the airwaves.


Where does Hydia the witch live in "My Little Pony: The Movie"?

Hydia lives in the Volcano of Gloom with her daughters Reeka and Draggle.


What does Hydia use to threaten the ponies in the movie?

Hydia releases Smooze, a purple ooze designed to destroy everything in its path.


What mark does Firefly the Pegasus pony have on her flank?

The winged Pegasus pony, who was released in 1983, has a mark made of lightning bolts.


How many rooms are in the Pony Paradise Estate?

The magnificent pony home, which was released in 1985, included four rooms, a pool and a gated courtyard.


True or false: The pony ice cream shop is shaped like a shoe.

Pony fans took their ponies for a treat at the Satin Slipper Sweet Shoppe, an ice cream parlor shaped like a shoe.


What pony play set came with the horse Fifi?

Fashionable pony fans played with Fifi in her perm shop, which is shaped like a vanity table.


What year did the "My Little Pony" cartoon premiere on TV?

The show premiered as "My Little Pony 'n Friends" in 1986 and lasted two seasons before it was canceled.


Where do the ponies live on the show?

The ponies on the show resided at the Paradise Estate in Ponyland.


Who is NOT one of the human children in the "My Little Pony" TV series?

Siblings Molly, Danny and Megan often visit the ponies in Ponyland and share in their adventures.


What is the name of the wise gnome the ponies go to for advice?

The ponies often ask Moochick or his rabbit assistant, Habbit, for help.


What is the name of the ponies' dragon friend?

The ultrafriendly dragon Spike lives in harmony with the ponies on the show.


Which of these toys shares the bill with the ponies on the TV series?

The ponies split the bill on the show with other toys, including the Potato Head Kids, Glo Friends and Moondreamers.


What does St. Ambula do to the ponies in a season two story arc?

The Somnambula story line shows St. Ambula hypnotizing the ponies with music to put them to sleep so she can sell them to the circus.


What magic item do the Princess Ponies guard during season two?

The ponies are the guardians of a magic wand in "The Quest of the Princess Ponies" story arc.


What does Lavan use to threaten the ponies in the series?

The evil demon Lavan threatens Royal Paradise with lava in a multipart story arc on the show.


Who leads the Raptorians in "The Glass Princess" story arc during season one?

Porcina and the Raptorians turn Ponyland into glass in the multiepisode arc during season one of the series.


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