Windex or Water: What's the best way to clean your flat-screen TV?

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Basic, small flat-screen televisions can purchased for a few hundred dollars, while massive, top-of-the-line models can cost as much as a new car. But do you know the right -- and wrong -- ways to clean your flat-screen TV? Take this quiz to see how much you know about the latest television technology and the best way to maintain your flat-screen.

True or false: All flat-screen TVs are also flat-panel TVs.

Any kind of TV can have a flat-screen, including bulky cathode-ray models. For a thin, lightweight unit you can hang on the wall, invest in a flat-panel television. However, people are now referring to "flat-panel" technology as "flat-screen," so you might as well get used to the term, even if it is technically incorrect.


What relatively dated technology gave traditional TV's their bulky form?

Classic cathode-ray technology takes up a lot of space. New TVs rely on LCD or plasma technology, which fits into a much smaller unit.


True or false: It's OK to forcefully scrub your TV screen to remove grease and grime as long as you're using a microfiber cloth.

Use a gentle touch when cleaning your flat-screen TV. Scrubbing too hard can cause severe damage to the screen.


Which of the major TV technologies is known for providing the “blackest blacks” and a high level of picture contrast?

In general, plasma TVs offer the blackest black and provide the highest level of contrast.


Which of the major TV technologies is most energy efficient?

In general, LCD televisions offer the highest level of energy efficiency of all the major TV technologies.


True or false: It's fine to use regular household glass cleaner on an old cathode-ray TV set.

Break out the Windex. It's fine to clean older cathode-ray sets using regular household glass cleaner, but keep these products away from newer LCD and plasma models.


To cut grease and banish fingerprints on a flat-screen, mix up a solution of water and this liquid.

Mix a solution containing up to 50 percent isopropyl alcohol with water to safely clean your flat-panel display.


True or false: Ammonia and other solvents can strip anti-glare coatings and other finishes from your flat-panel display.

Keep ammonia and solvents far away from your flat-screen to prevent permanent damage.


True or false: You can safely clean your flat-screen with paper towels as long as they're clean.

Clean or dirty, paper towels can scratch the screen of your flat-panel TV. Stick to microfiber and other soft cloth materials.


What type of TV is generally the thinnest and most lightweight?

LCD TV's are generally thinner and weigh less than plasma and cathode-ray models.


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