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Just found the most exquisite antique wine glass in a flea shop? Well, potentially exquisite, seeing that it is covered in decades worth of grime. Take our quiz and gets some pointers on how to clean the delicate glass so that you don't hear the dreaded, and unfortunately familiar, twinkle of breaking glass.

What is the name of extraterrestrial and naturally occurring glass?

Extraterrestrial or naturally occurring glass, glass that is created by the astronomical heat generated by volcanoes or meteorites, is called obsidianites or tektites.


How should you clean a museum quality piece of antique glass?

If you have a museum quality piece of glass, don't try to clean it yourself. First consult with a professional evaluator.


How should you maintain an heirloom quality piece of antique glass?

If you have an heirloom quality piece, wipe it down with distilled water. Avoid submerging it in water.


What temperature should any water that comes in contact with antique glass be?

Any water that comes in contact with antique glass should be room temperature or just slightly warmer.


When cleaning your antique glass, what should you cover your work surface with?

You should cover your work surface with towels or soft cloths to create a cushion, incase you drop or knock over any pieces.


What is the ideal way to wash a piece of antique glass?

The ideal way to wash glass is in a rubber or plastic tub. If that is not possible, line the sink with soft towels.


What is the most aggressive method for cleaning a very filthy piece of antique glass?

The most aggressive method for cleaning a dirty piece of glass is to use a lime scale remover on it. This should only be done when a list of cleaning methods in order of aggressiveness has not been successful, starting with rubbing a glass with a slightly damp, lint-free cloth.


What kind of polish should you use when polishing antique glass?

When trying to polish off stubborn blemishes, use polish designed for glass topped stoves. For a homemade method, try a dab of baking soda or toothpaste.


What is glass made from?

Modern day glass is made from sand, sodium carbonate and lime.


Before cleaning a glass piece, what should you do?

Before you clean a glass piece, you should inspect it so to determine what kind of glass it is made from and if there are any delicate spots like metal filigree, or painted rims and decorations.


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