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Sleep like royalty in a fresh bed. Occasional cleaning of your bedding is necessary, but may not be easy. Use the manufacturer's instructions to guide you. Take this quiz to learn some useful tips on how to clean bedding.

How often should you refresh your bed pillows?

Once a month you should refresh your pillows by placing them in an open window or hanging them from a clothes line.


Why may you want to flip your mattress?

Mattresses wear more evenly if they are turned on a regular basis.


How often may you want to flip your mattress?

Check the manufacturers instructions or turn it monthly.


Why should you use a mattress cover?

A mattress cover may prevent your mattress from soiling.


What is the suggested daily maintenance of bed pillows?

Fluff your pillows daily.


When should you wash your bed covering?

Bed coverings should be cleaned before they become heavily soiled.


Why may you want to use an oversized commercial washer to clean your bed covering?

If your bed covering is large, a residential machine may not do a good cleaning job, and the job may be too much for your washing machine.


How should you clean an electric blanket?

To protect the electric wiring, wash an electric blanket.


Why should you avoid dry cleaning an electric blanket?

The solvents found in dry cleaning may harm the electric wiring.


How can you freshen blankets?

Let the fresh air ventilate blankets by hanging them outside on a clothes line.


How can you remove dust and lint from blankets?

Vacuum to remove dust and lint.


How should you care for most comforters?

Most comforters are machine washable. Check the manufacturer's washing instructions.


How should you clean old and delicate quilts?

Hand wash or you may want to have these old and delicate items professionally cleaned.


How should you wash down comforters?

Most down comforters that are in good shape can handle machine washing.


How should you dry down comforters?

Most down comforters that are in good shape can handle a tumble in the dryer.


How should you clean a stain on a mattress?

Do not excessively wet the mattress when you promptly remove the stain. Do not cover the mattress until it is totally dry.


When storing electric blankets during the summer months, why should you skip the moth balls?

Moth balls may damage the electrical wires.


How should you clean wool blankets?

Some wool blankets may be washable, check the manufacturer's instructions.


How is the filling in comforters and quilts held in place?

Stitching holds the filling in place. Care must be taken when cleaning old or delicate items.


How can you check for colorfastness?

To check for colorfastness, dip a small corner of the item into the detergent solution.


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